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Optical alignment system

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 27 04:10:05 EDT 2014 | jana

Hi, Can anyone explain how BGA optical systems work on proffesional systems? What optics is used?( optical prisms or mirrors only)

Contact Systems CS-400E Optical Correction

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 16 07:11:25 EST 2004 | paul_bmc

Does anyone know how often the optical sensor goes bad on the CS-400E machines. I have 2 machines and it seems that the optical correction does not work anymore. I keep getting an optical correction error, when the mode is turned on the correction

Re: Calculate SMD movement during reflow?

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 03 20:02:44 EST 1999 | Anthony Winston

Well John here is the situation: I need to place an infrared transistor (optical element) with a tolerance of +/-.003", this is not a problem. A lens is positioned over the optical element and snapped to the PCB via three holes that have a toleran

Optical alignment system

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 28 15:29:50 EDT 2014 | mcapizzi

Yes, your picture is correct. Regarding the dichroic mirrored prism assembly…in this application, a dichroic material is one which causes visible light to be split up into distinct beams of different wavelengths. The original meaning of dichroic, fro

Optical & XRay Fit

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 18 18:42:39 EDT 2001 | davef

Optical inspection devices for looking at the balls of BGA are becoming more prevalent. How do these devices and conventional xray fit together as complemtary tools in the day-to-day product environment?

Re: Inspection machines

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 01 10:28:05 EST 1998 | Dave F

| I am locking for inspection machines. Can someone indicates some manufacturer of this kind of machines? | | Thanks for help. | Sergio: Please help focus our attention. What type of machine? Comparitors, automated optical inspection, microscop

Optical integration on PCBAs

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 20 21:26:32 EST 2001 | Lex WW

My company is just beginning to move towards the assembly of optical modules on PCBAs. Are there any basic tutorials out there that can give some understanding on this huge subject? Thanks!

AOI ( automated optical inspection) benchmark

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 18 10:59:27 EST 2002 | dbonilla

Thanks for your feedback. May you give me an advise if it is better to use X ray inspection intead of optical inspection if we don't have 0201 and 0402 components?

CyberOptics SE300

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 01 11:09:45 EDT 2004 | burgosa

We are considering the CyberOptics SE300 for solder paste inspection at post-stencil print. Does anyone have experience with this AOI machine? How it works with small apertures like 0201's and uBGA's? Comments are welcome. Thanks

ICT for communication

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 17 05:54:53 EST 2007 | imounen

i would like to know if an ICT can test my communication circuit based over RS485 and over optical communication((DO))optical head for counting circuit.

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