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Orbotech symbion s36 AOI- looking for user manual

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 30 02:36:58 EST 2015 | vitrost

Hi All, Need s36 AOI user manual. Thanx vitrost@yahoo.com

High-end SPI and AOI?

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 14 08:39:01 EDT 2009 | edmaya33

Anybody here work with Viscom S3088-II QS SPI? I heard this machine offers an ultra high speed of inspection and a state of the art features. We have been working with Orbotech P36+ but all we got is headache. A 2K US$ illumination board always fai

High-end SPI and AOI?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 12 15:54:09 EST 2010 | chupitoone

Hi, Orbotech actually sold it's division to ORPRO Vision. They development of the equipment is still progressing in both their Reflow inspection and SPI systems. Both have newer versions of software released and at the show in SanDiego they demonstr

High-end SPI and AOI?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 20 08:49:46 EST 2010 | edmaya33

I heard some of the manpower of KY transfer to VI technologies to introduce a new technology, same manner as of KY had. This french owned company post an impressive Inspection machine ( Both AOI and SPI ). Going back to ORBOTECH P36+, is there any

High-end SPI and AOI?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 12 21:24:13 EST 2010 | graceytiu07

We have a Viscom SPI S3054QS. Yup, the machine offers a quite good speed. My board dimension is 150 by 250mm. The cycle time is only about 24 sec. The analyze time is only about 10sec. You can make your loading faster, if that's what you needed. I ha

High-end SPI and AOI?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 25 01:35:56 EST 2010 | orproadamshaw

Hi, As stated above development of the systems we took over from Orbotech has not ceased. I don't know which geographic region you are in, but your first contact should be either a Business Partner, or ORPRO Vision support direct in the region. On

Top camera inspection and side camera

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 02 04:02:18 EDT 2010 | manju2cool

Hi, I think concept of inspection through AOI is changing. I am struck in confusion.Because some manufacturer say 3D inspection, with 1+4 cameras is ultimate solution. Orbotech also came with 13 cameras at once!Now some say, all these are eyewashing

AOI Sony vs Orbitech

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 09 09:48:19 EDT 2009 | orproadamshaw

I'd like to correct a few of the points made above. Orbotech have sold their Assembly business to Orpro Vision GmbH, we are based in Germany, where we developed the Vantage S22, Symbion S36 and their predecessors the VT / Trion series. Both Develop


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