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Placement theta (rotation) adjustment

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 13 11:08:08 EDT 2017 | emeto

Here are the basics for theta issues in teaching: 1. CAD part library should match machine part library orientation. 2. If your placement orientation is correct and your feeding orientation(orientation in your feeder) is correct, there should be no

Component orientation into the reels

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 01 05:53:33 EST 2001 | jmlasserre

Are there some standards (Jedec ??) for the components orientation into the reels (memory or logic) and which ones ? Thanks

Component Wrong Orientation

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 21 11:56:30 EDT 2006 | CKH

Hi Folk, i encounter some components mounted in the different Orientaion (Wrong Orientation). i am puzzle on this.... All these components come in Tape & Reel form. i can only deduce that the Component Wrong Orientation might come from its origina

orientation of polarised smd components on reels/tapes

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 23 09:19:17 EDT 2016 | dalpets

I want to place smd's by hand from tape strips using a vacuum pump. What is the orientation of polarised smd components on reels/tapes? Is there a standard manufacturing orientation, or are there variations? I understand some manufactures have part

Component orientation

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 03 07:29:03 EDT 2022 | pradeep14

Hi, We are facing the issue with Component orientation(Wrong orientation), during Proto build/NPI time in SMT for 1st board placement. We are not doing 1st board with STICKY board, directly placing the components with Paste board only. Pls suggest, H

Re: Polarity of parts in packages

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 29 18:24:46 EDT 1999 | B.Smith

JC, We 'had' this problem previously, but eliminated it for good by using the following: (1) Create a procedure for part orientation that follows IPC standards. Give a copy of this procedure to your receiving department, your buyers, as well as all

Help understanding something about stencil orientation when printing

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 03 05:55:34 EDT 2016 | lachrymal

Hi, I am struggling to interpret correctly the following statement: "An aperture oriented with its long axis in the same direction as the blade stroke does not fill as well as an aperture oriented with its short axis to the blade stroke." If I a

software PPS v8.0

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 13 07:14:34 EDT 2010 | mun4o

Hi all, we have two smd line, with 2 topaz X each.Software for optimizing is PPS v.8.0.The problem is that when PPS optimazing the programme, IC, diodes and other polarity components are with wrong orientation.But, I see the orientation onli when str

software PPS v8.0

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 14 00:35:47 EDT 2010 | sachu_70

The PPS helps to prepare a program off-line without affecting on-line production. However, there are certain efforts that we must consider, such as identifying the part orientation on feeder vis-a-vis its placement orienation on PCB, and confirming s

Part orientation in carrier tape

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 28 08:07:48 EDT 1999 | Doug

Does anyone know of a web site (or other source) that illustrates the orientation of polarized SMT packages with respect to the carrier tape sprocket holes? THANKS, Doug

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