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Placement on 180 degrees rotated Multi-Panel

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 10 07:14:37 EST 2017 | vinitverma

It’s the board origin ( not the panel origin).

Having a fixture for topaz-x machine

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 07 05:52:04 EDT 2008 | benefon

Hi Perhaps you could modify the PCB Origin coordinates in the PCB Info. Change the PCB Origin X and Y coordinates to point to the PCB origin on the fixture. rgds AR

Having a fixture for topaz-x machine

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 08 00:44:19 EDT 2008 | darby

Lock the pcb in the machine with the fixture. Teach origin 0 (O0,the datum origin or pcb origin). That's the only data you change.

Yamaha YM84 S2

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 14 03:54:59 EDT 2014 | ermani9

Failing to origin the machine. On pressing ORIGIN, it moves a small distance and gives the message "ORIGIN INCOMPLETE" and displays error ...243:Y DRIFT ADJUSTMENT NO GOOD..." Please help.

AOI systems

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 28 14:38:07 EST 2001 | CAL

Phil- A Technology you may want to give serious consideration is the Original Solutions UV-OS-1. No gold PCB's, 100% accurate,and a Money back guarantee - IMPRESSIVE! We did the studies on the Original Solutions Boards and were amazed with the techno

need help with Philips CSM84

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 29 20:15:41 EDT 2007 | darby

PCB > Origin > Origin 0 4 Teach the corner of the pcb at the mechanical stop. This data is from the machine origin. For a unit with a teach camera it will probably be around -25x, 95y. For a beam sensor around 70x, 28y. This is for a right to left

Hair Line Solder Short at PTH Connector

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 21 10:34:06 EDT 2005 | patrickbruneel

Hi Y'all It would be valuable to the users of this forum to get a response from the original poster about his/her findings and solutions. It usually starts with the post of a problem, then opinions and experiences get exchanged but we never see a co

Fuji CP4&CP6 Placement issues

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 08 22:22:34 EST 2006 | crashoveride

hello guys....... it seems to our team that your problem most likely originated to the board origin. seems to us that the two machines have diffrent settings. as what you've said, offsets on placements only happened when transmitting a program at bot

AOI- Link Correction

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 26 08:39:09 EST 2001 | Cal

Previously posted, was information regarding "BLUE DOT" UV inspection. The link for original solutions was incorrect. This is a process where a UV signature is imbedded at the board level to visually check missing components, tombstoning and polarity

cp6 "original pin error"

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 01 11:46:09 EDT 2009 | andoe

when the cp6 loads a board everything seems normal / as the table drops the pcb lines up onto the origan hole and then instantly fails with -- "original pin error" we have run this board before. any ideas? thanks

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