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Universal GSM1 UPS Rev. 1.4

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 26 03:00:15 EDT 2000 | armin

Hi, Anybody there running GSM1 UPS Rev 1.4 with OS/2 4.0 Warp ? We have OS/2 2.11 and we plan to upgrade to OS/2 4.0 Warp. I'm afraid of some incompatibility issues might occur. Please feedback any incompatibility issues you encountered in case you h

Universal OS/2 sfotware upgrade?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 05 19:41:28 EDT 2007 | golff

We have a Universal 4796L pick and place. The current programming software is the old IBM OS/2. Did anyone upgrade their programming system to a better OS like Windows 2000 or NT?

Universal OS/2 sfotware upgrade?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 11 15:57:54 EDT 2007 | bigdaddysoy9

UCT-52 does support the 4796. We use DPO with 4796s and GSMs running OS/2. It works fine. It is quite expensive but it cuts your programming time down significantly.

EXM-10A driver

Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 18 02:52:28 EST 2015 | dilogic

I've successfully networked our GSM's. They all run OS/2 Warp 3.0 which already has drivers for the card. Which OS/2 version your machine runs on?

GSM Discrete I/O Address List

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 18 12:49:38 EST 2016 | ttheis

The machine is running UPS 3.2.2c on OS/2 2.1.

GSM1 Won't Zero

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 15 10:55:43 EST 2006 | PWH

I'm very far from an OS2 master but sounds like you need more RAM? Might help to get rid of files you don't need like segment repairs. They are in C:/USOS/PRODUCT/SEGREP. Also, it's possible that "MinFree" is set so that you have filled up your sp

Backup a OS/2 GSM hard drive?

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 10 19:43:21 EST 2015 | ttheis

Regarding redundancy to keep an old GSM machine from going down, I've backed up my mapping, calibration and configurations files and I'm picking up spare parts here and there for the VME but I would like to have something in place in the even the mac

OS/2 Warp GSM not playing nice with the network

Electronics Forum | Mon May 18 17:07:16 EDT 2009 | dilogic

OK - first, look at this page: http://www.jacco2.dds.nl/samba/lanman.html There's a pretty detailed description how to install LanMan client on the OS/2 machine. Some links are broken, but you can find alternate sources on the net. A good site wi

EXM-10A driver

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 16 17:08:35 EST 2015 | travishemen

Yes, both the radial 8 and the VCD 8 run on OS2.

Chinese Production SMT Machines???

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 08 09:17:14 EST 2018 | reckless

I used OS/2 when I was a kid but I have forgotten everything now

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