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Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 20 15:21:06 EST 2000 | OS

How should OSP PCB be handled, when stored; and during manufactruing process on production floor?

osp finish

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 21 05:01:10 EST 2004 | sd

Does anyone have any reports on OSP pcb finish and ICT Testing? Having a problem with contact issues.

N-tech osp problems

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 26 08:41:27 EDT 2000 | greg

I am processing PCB's that have an n-tech osp coating and am finding huge inconsistencies in wetting. Some boards process clean with good wetting and the next has terrible wetting. The boards are stored and handled properly. Has anyone had this

pcb manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 13 04:27:00 EST 2016 | crystalpcb

Hi Here is our factory production capability: Shenze Electronic PCB Specification Layer Count 1 to 35 Layers Material Brand Shengyi,KB,GRACE,ISOLA,Rogers,Taconic,ARLLON,Bergquist Base Material FR-4(TG135,TG150,TG170,TG180),Halogen Free FR-4,Ceramic

lead free pcb plating?

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 28 08:37:52 EDT 2007 | davef

There is no good choice. Board Finishes: Industrial/Battelle Class 3 Environment [Reliability Knowledge Gaps: For use of Pb-free solders in High Reliability Applications, J Smetana, iNEMI Availability of SnPb-Compatible BGAs Workshop, March 1, 2007,

Looking for OSP PCB Isolation chamber/cabinet

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 28 15:14:43 EST 2004 | Jason

I am looking for OSP PCB Isolation chamber/cabinet, just in case if we can't run the top side of OSP PCB after after we complete bottom side, and all thses boards are need to be stored in the isolated chamber or cabinet.

Can an Expired OSP PCB more than 1 year be reworked to extend Shelf Life

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 12 19:57:56 EST 2017 | myke03o

Hi Experts. We have an expired OSP pcb and we wanted to extend the shelp life. Is it possible to rework the PCB by removing the OSP coating, micro etching and re-applying OSP finish. Any advice if this can be done? Any solution for this OSP pcb e

Info on OSP PCB�s

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 01 01:07:13 EDT 2001 | Brian Sloth Bentzen

I would be very interested in informations on OSP (organic solderability protection) on PCB�s. Good or bad experience with solderability, storage etc. There must be different types / brands of OSP. What type should be prefered ? And if possible

Info on OSP PCB�s

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 06 22:06:22 EDT 2001 | davef


Storing OSP PCBs

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 23 02:38:05 EDT 2019 | sssamw

Kee OSP PCB dry and sealed with dryer is enough, PCb supplier will tell you how to store it.

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