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Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 17 10:40:11 EST 2000 | Dave F

Cost = Labor + Production Materials + Overhead Cost = Labor * Overhead Multiplier Cost = (Time For Task*Labor Rate*Benefits) * Overhead Multiplier Cost = ((6sec/3600sec/hr)*$10/hr*1.3) * 2 Cost = $0.04

how to measure an assembly cost of a board

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 12 19:18:34 EDT 2008 | arminski

Hi davef, couple of questions: clarifying costing of direct labor against overhead cost: an operator loading PCB onto the reflow oven is a direct cost, how about the reflow process time of the PCB while travelling inside the reflow, is that an ove

CM cost formula

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 02 15:54:15 EST 2009 | rgduval

That might because every CM has a different overhead rate. In general, your costs should be material+direct labor rate+overhead rate+markup and or profit margin. For your overhead rate, consider your non-direct labor, and your facility costs. Am

Join venture in PCBA

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 31 20:53:20 EST 2004 | marcowong

If you are an existing PCBA house and looking for ways to reduce your overheads and maintain cost competitiveness. We are able to help and team up to do something. We are able to provide man power, factory facilities and space except machines and act

Outsourcing costs

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 06 03:51:27 EDT 2005 | Rob

We have a very expensive MRP system that can (allegedly) do this, so naturally we also use an excel spreadsheet, which includes feeder loading times, 1st off inspection, printer set up, overhead recovery, machine time etc.

Quoting New Jobs

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 26 04:34:59 EDT 2005 | aj

Guys, I have very little experience in quoting for new jobs on an automated assembly line . Can anyone give me some pointers? I know this is a broad subject and depends on overheads etc. but any assistance would be appreciated aj

Process Costing

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 02 19:14:47 EDT 2008 | arminski

In My Process Cost Calculation in building products for the purpose of Manufacturing Quotation, Is Final QA inpection considered a process step as part of Direct Labor or is calculated as part of an Overhead Cost? thanks and regards,

Process Costing

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 03 08:37:21 EDT 2008 | davef

Our bean-counters would put inspection in overhead, because inspection adds no value to the product. As a contactor, your bean-counter may consider inspection to be a value added process, because it increases your confidence that you are shipping goo

how to measure an assembly cost of a board

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 13 14:06:49 EDT 2008 | jax

some examples of overhead: Rent Electricity Some Indirect Labor ..... anything required keep the door open (not customer related)

Building RF Power Transistors Test fixtures

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 10 21:40:06 EST 2008 | davef

So, this fine designer thinks the cost of you putzing around with is thing is cheaper to the comapny? No. The fine designer is measured on in-bound cost, but not on the impact on overhead of those in-bound costs. OK, try this one: Have your fabric

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