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PBGA overprint

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 30 17:36:17 EDT 2004 | GIO

i have a 0.5 pitch(19x19 pbga array) ..with a pad of 20 mils (thou) , solder mask is same...(20th..)..and an stenCil aperture of rectangular 22 X 22.1 thou...WHICH SHOWS..I AM HAVING AN OVERPRINT..MY PASTE IS A NO-CLEAN.. COMMENTS PLS...

PBGA overprint

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 10 15:07:04 EDT 2004 | GIO

sorry..it s 40 mils...pitch,...but stencil aperture is square...ANY COMMENTS.. THANKS RUSS...

PBGA overprint

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 30 18:23:00 EDT 2004 | russ

Comment: A 20 mil pad for a .5mm pitch BGA? That seems like an awful large pad for this device. If my math is right the pads will be basically touching each other. .5mm = .020". I would think that you have something else. You cannot have a 22mil

PBGA overprint

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 11 15:21:20 EDT 2004 | russ

I have heard of making square apertures for round pads to aid in Xray and possibly allow for better release in some applications. The square aperture in your case would be for Xray inspection and not release. Usually a 20 mil square would be used f

RoHS BGA stencil question

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 08 08:28:11 EST 2007 | mzaboogie

Good Morning Everyone, We have an application coming up with several BGA's on a RoHS assembly. One is a 25 mil ball on a 40 mil pitch, another is a 15 mil ball on a 40 mil pitch. In the past for leaded assemblies, we have used square apertures for 1

solder paste stencil life

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 15 06:34:54 EST 2012 | sowmya

Normally paste manufacturer specifies stencil life of a paste is 10 hours. the question is, if i run a continuous manufacturing for 40 hours, we will be adding 250 g of paste for every two hours. The addition of 250 g will be mixed with the paste whi

solder paste stencil life

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 17 09:38:27 EST 2012 | cyber_wolf

Why scrap paste if there is no degradation of performance? Do your own study to determine this.

solder paste stencil life

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 17 08:34:58 EST 2012 | emeto

I would scrap it. As you said part of it is going to be old paste. All manufacturers don't recommend mixing old with new paste because you change the rheology of the paste.

step stencil

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 02 22:57:32 EST 2021 | pnguyvu

Hello Charliem, Contact Steve Yen ( Steve@usastencils.com )at USA STENICLS INC. He'll give you better idea overprint or step . He has solid experience in design smt stencil. We've been receiving very good stencil from Steve.

solder paste release from stencil

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 19 14:33:17 EDT 2011 | ccouture

Has anyone tried using a product thet when applied to a stencil, it facilitates the release of solder paste from the stencil, including the fine pitch openings. It makes the stencil's surface "fluxophobic". Same principle as Rain-X for windshield. A

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