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Reflow Oven Standard oxygen content

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 10 13:29:21 EDT 2021 | edgar_smt_ap

Good morning. What should be the Oxygen content Standard in an Oven? Here in my company, we have an ERSA reflow Oven, and we work with Lead Free solder paste. According to Work Standard documents send by my company corporate, the PPM Oxygen conte

Reflow Oven Standard oxygen content

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 10 16:33:55 EDT 2021 | cyber_wolf

I am not aware of a "standard" I can tell you from experience that at

Reflow Oven Standard oxygen content

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 16 07:01:26 EDT 2021 | tommy_magyar

Hi Edgar, I am not aware of any standards either, but from own experience can tell that if there are boards going through oven with PPM between 1500-2000 the solder will be dark (unaesthetic) although some of our customers accepted them if they were

oxygen analyzer device zirox VS Delta F

Electronics Forum | Tue May 04 14:45:40 EDT 2010 | bruna

Hello Does anyone can give feedback about this two analyzers (zirox and delta f 150)? In fact we are trying to understand which is better for wave soldering, benefits and prejudice. Does anyone work with both? Thanks

Oxygen PPM

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 02 13:21:55 EST 2004 | rkevin

Does anyone know the proper range of Oxygen PPM for no clean fluxes ?

Oxygen Analyzer for Wave Inerting

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 03 10:46:16 EDT 2006 | John S.

We've had a customer request that we check the PPM level of oxygen at our wave solder's inerters. I'm looking on the web, and there seems to be a huge variety of these instruments. Can anyone make a recommendation on one that is working for you? T

Alternative to nitrogen atmosphere cabinet for storage of parts

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 12 12:58:38 EST 2021 | jeremy_leaf

Hi SMTnet. I have a series of sensitive parts and solder preforms which degrade when exposed to oxygen and moisture. It seems the standard way of protecting these components is to use a nitrogen purged cabinet as storage. This seems to use a lot of

Nitrogen Reflow

Electronics Forum | Thu May 24 10:51:49 EDT 2001 | Frang

What is the guideline to determine the require level of PPM Oxygen in Nitrogen reflow.

Info on OSP PCB�s

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 23 08:35:54 EDT 2003 | davef

Over time, copper in the via will form an oxide with oxygen in the air.

Need help

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 24 15:35:47 EDT 2002 | davef

Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD). A test that measures how much of the oxygen dissolved in water is consumed by biological oxidation of the chemical in the water during the stated period of time. [Water from an exceptionally clear lake might show a BO

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