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O2 analyzer

Electronics Forum | Mon May 31 04:17:01 EDT 2010 | nizamjhr

Dear All , I have 1 unit of PBI-Dansensor , Model TIA-222 Oxygen Analyzer that have been sitting idle in my store room for quite some time. Now I want to setup this unit but I don't have any manual or wiring diagram for it. Anyone that have any exp

oxygen analyzer device zirox VS Delta F

Electronics Forum | Tue May 04 14:45:40 EDT 2010 | bruna

Hello Does anyone can give feedback about this two analyzers (zirox and delta f 150)? In fact we are trying to understand which is better for wave soldering, benefits and prejudice. Does anyone work with both? Thanks

Reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 24 14:28:42 EDT 2004 | Rush Fan

Although pretty much standard these days, if you are planning on using Nitrogen, look for an on-board oxygen analyzer.

Oxygen Analyzer for Wave Inerting

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 03 10:46:16 EDT 2006 | John S.

We've had a customer request that we check the PPM level of oxygen at our wave solder's inerters. I'm looking on the web, and there seems to be a huge variety of these instruments. Can anyone make a recommendation on one that is working for you? T

Re: Skiming Dross From Solder Pot

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 09 17:26:13 EST 1999 | Dave F

Horace: You weren't real specific about the set-up of the two machines. So what's the diff man?? Big dross generators are: 1 R Woodgate says that pump speed is the biggest driver to dross production 2 Chrys uses low dross cast bar: Alpha HiFlo 3

Nitrogen used in selective soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 22 13:01:14 EST 2015 | dyoungquist

We are using a nitrogen generator (with a N2 storage tank) that feeds 1 selective solder machine. I do not know which type of generator it is. The N2 generator has an oxygen analyzer on it. The selective solder manufacturer recommends a N2 purity

Oxygen Analyzer for Wave Inerting

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 03 12:41:20 EDT 2006 | Chunks

You should have a a gauge on your wave that you could convert to PPM. Save you a few bucks and headaches.

Oxygen Analyzer for Wave Inerting

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 03 19:34:17 EDT 2006 | davef

You might consider an oxygen monitor (or lack of oxygen monitor). A fast response-rate analyzer should be used. There are several types of analyzers on the market and each has different limitations. * If you are looking for a measurement ranging fr

Nitrogen Reflow Oven

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 05 13:23:07 EDT 2004 | Ron W

Low-consumption Nitrogen configurations with an on-board O2 analyzer is the ideal way to go. I cannot speak for all oven manufacturers, but ours have N2 fed to the reflow zone only, which to me is really only where you need it. The gauges/flowmeters

Re: How to measure N2 in reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 04 08:50:53 EST 1999 | Dave F

| | I need to setup an oven to run with a nitrogen atmosphere for | boards with BGA's, but our ovens do not have the optional atmosphere monitor and controller. Is there a good way to sample and control the atmosphere without the optional built-in

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