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Oxidation on PCB's

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 08 23:53:04 EDT 2008 | hanward

Our engineer said when we deliver silver coated PCB to customer,we will use vacuum airbag packing with desiccant inside.And when you receive it,keep them in warehouse below 24 centigrade.If you have opened the packing,it seems no good way.

CR TECH RTI 6520 Light Bulb Panel

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 16 15:53:55 EDT 2012 | toddl

Hi Nicolas, we purchase our lamps from AOI Servicegroup in packs of 100. Their part number is AOI-ORBLAMPPACK(100 per pack)and sell for about $2 each. I wouldn't mind finding an alternate source myself.

Head Driver for HSP4797

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 05 14:44:41 EDT 2019 | jbaez1

Looking for Pack Driver or driver unit 630 119 8361 from HSP4797 (Universal, Sanyo or Hitachi): Tag information: Pack Driver Model: D2890B S ver. 0.16 W ver. 0.00 Made in Japan

Moisture Sensitivity and Package Cracking

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 25 18:15:39 EST 1999 | Joe

Greetings, We are discussing what should and what should not be baked and vacuum packed. Should we just concentrate on the fine pitch packages and the bga's? What about those components which come on blister tape, should they get baked and re-packed

component stick at cover tape

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 19 18:15:15 EDT 2012 | jil2000

We have a material that is been stick at cover tape, only 1 supplier is failing and only embossed tape packing is failing. A dark spots between tape and component are observed, we already bake material to se if is humidity, is not. We already apply

Vacuum sealing of MSD components

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 17 06:54:17 EDT 2013 | deanm

We manufacture according to military Class 3 standards and we do not vacuum seal any MSD devices. Your current method of dry packing is sufficient as well as dry cabinet or nitrogen storage. A light evacuation of air during the dry packing process

How you pack & ship your board level assemblies?

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 15 15:14:20 EST 2018 | dleeper

How are you shipping, 3rd party such as UPS, DHL, etc. Or do you have your own personnel who will be a lot more carful with the packages? I've shipped boards just in the silver ESD bags with out problems. The trick is to pack them fairly tightly so

Re: Resistor Paks on solder side of board

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 20 13:00:15 EDT 2000 | Bob Willis

By resistor packs do you mean SOIC resistor networks ?

Glass pack Diodes

Electronics Forum | Mon May 20 14:06:10 EDT 2002 | russ

I have always installed them flush to board unless noted on assy. dwg. Russ

Soldering of smt Resistor Networks

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 21 20:18:40 EST 2005 | davef

What is the specific problem? Tell about: * Resistor pack * Board layout * Stencil aperatures

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