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Re: Cleaning Stencils

Electronics Forum | Tue May 25 12:05:53 EDT 1999 | Deon Nungaray

Just a note about cleaning stencils with a mixture of alcohol and water, especially if you're using no clean paste, it's really not recommended. Don't take my word for it, you can check with Alpha or most any other solderpaste vendor. What wil

Re: check feeder cpt tracking on SMT lines

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 26 03:32:31 EDT 1999 | Jason

Hello, i'm looking for informations about companies which are using system to verify the loadind of a SMT machine by using barcode (on the slot on the machine & on the reel). I'm in charge of the installation of this kind of system

Re: Shelf Life of Assemblied PCB's

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 03 17:28:33 EDT 1999 | DLKearns

I have been asked to supply a maximum shelf life for our assemblied PCB's. I realise this is dependent on so many factors- temperature, humidity, no of layers etc. But does anyone have a formulae for calculating shelf life, or does anyone know

Re: Classification of moisture sensitive devices

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 26 10:49:36 EDT 1999 | Wolfgang Busko

Having implemented the process of handling moisture sensitive devices our logistics department tries to classify all parts according to their moisture level. Going through datasheets wasn�t that helpfull, so does anyone know of a source

Re: Avoiding Blood letting on stencil printer

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 14 05:32:24 EDT 1998 | Tony B

We suffered our first blood letting because of razor sharp edge clamps (DEK 265LT) and operator giving it the finger. While positioning magnetic tooling pins, one of our best slipped and really sliced off a part of his main digit. This will imp

Moisture Barrier bags

Electronics Forum | Fri May 03 10:51:24 EDT 2002 | fmonette

Dave is correct. I am including additional information that comes from a recent posting on another industry forum : The proper guidelines for bag sealing are actually specified in the JEDEC standard EIA/JEP124 section 5.2.1 Packing moisture-sensiti

Moisture free storage units.

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 16 17:13:24 EDT 2003 | fmonette

John, Maybe you know this already but I just wanted to highlight a few facts about dry cabinets. My experience is that many engineers are not well aware of the industry guidelines and sometimes will buy a dry cabinet without understanding the key f

Flex Circuits reflowing

Electronics Forum | Fri May 02 16:58:39 EDT 2003 | swagner

We have been building with flex circuits for nearly three years now, its an automotive product utilizing lead free paste, I will give you a few pointers. 1. Evaluate your supplier carefully, make sure you have some kind of stretch tolerance on the p

Moisture Sensative Components

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 10 20:40:49 EST 2004 | Kevin McCarten

1st thing to be said; I work for a company that supplies Desiccant Dry cabinets to the electronics industry for the storage of moisture sensitive components. The answer here really lies in inventory management/control. Ultimately you want to avoid b

Surface mount Machines

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 21 05:20:06 EST 2005 | Rob

Find out your maximum feeder loading (number of slots taken up, not number of feeders - 8mm, 16mm, 44mm, waffle packs tubes etc), and your likely long term max feeder loading (ie what is in the pipeline, or could be). Next find out your required run

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