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0402 pad and stencil aperture design

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 30 15:07:40 EDT 2008 | jemills

Hello I have a new 0402 pad design on a recent board were building in future. On closer look i thought the pad was a thru hole mount , but upon closer inspection the round pads are for 0402 comps. I had a discussion with the engineer and he said

0402 pad and stencil aperture design

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 31 07:52:23 EDT 2008 | davef

For a better understanding of decoupling capacitors, look here: * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decoupling_capacitor * http://www.hottconsultants.com/techtips/decoupling.html * http://pcdandf.com/cms/content/view/3410/95/

0402 pad and stencil aperture design

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 30 22:29:58 EDT 2008 | davef

For most applications, a nice square [or rectangle] pad works just fine. Assemblers ship boat loads of boards with these every day. It's reasonable for tight decoupling capacitor requirement applications to use round or radiused pads for components

0402 pad and stencil aperture design

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 30 15:36:18 EDT 2008 | grantp

Hi, Sounds like your engineer does not know what he's doing. We have developed and built hundreds of thousands of boards with normal square pads for 0402, and we just use a 5 thou stencil with 5% reduction and it works well. Decoupling? What is tha

0402 pad designs???

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 26 23:57:58 EDT 2014 | selvakumar

refer to this design may helping you.

0402 pad designs???

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 24 12:56:26 EDT 2014 | jmathis

Hello, As our company has begun doing an increase production of contract manufacturing I have seen more and more designs with the 0402 pad layouts that are smaller (.015 in width) than the component. Also there is only a .008 longer than the 0402 p


Electronics Forum | Thu May 29 14:35:37 EDT 2008 | rdmundo

Gents, We've been using a round 1:1 aperture for a 5 mils thickness on our stencil design on 0402 and recently, IPC guidelines recommend oblong, homeplate or reverse homeplate. I believed the PCB pad for 0402's area within the recommended size/dimen

0402 via in pad

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 27 19:55:13 EST 2002 | nifhail

Hi, I need help to understand further on the via in pad for 0402 requirement. If I were to do the DFM over the brd design which consist of 0402 with via on pad, what is the criteria that I should look for ? I learned that the via in pad does not wor

0402 stencil design

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 04 17:24:07 EST 2003 | jonfox

we have some pretty tight 0402 placements and our best fix was to reduce the pad (vertically speaking) from .030x.022 to .020x.022. Fewer tombstones and the paste flows out to the edge of the pads nicely. Only difference is that we have a 6mil sten

0402 stencil design

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 05 14:20:45 EST 2003 | Stephen

One thing that worked for me was simply rounding off the pads, making square pads into circlesfor the stencil. It worked but did seem a little strange turning squares into circles for 0603's and 0402's and turning cirlces for BGA's into squares, (bu

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