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QFP144 soldering problem

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 10 18:04:28 EDT 2007 | slthomas

How are you attaching your thermocouples to measure the temperature of the lead/pad connection?

QFP144 soldering problem

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 10 15:49:28 EDT 2007 | mun4o

Hi, the solder on the pad is not molt.Temperature of the leads is about 220*C( I change this T from 214 to 232) but result is same - solder is granular and not diffuse.I think the T on leads is not enough high,bu I can't increase because the max T on

QFP144 soldering problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 05 08:10:45 EDT 2007 | davef

Questions are: * Do not judge the quality of a solder connection by the shineyness or color of the solder connection. Do you have smooth and unform flow, no pitting, and good wetting to the lead and the pad? * What is the temperature of the leads of

pad cratering

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 01 04:54:28 EDT 2015 | jvercamm

hi, the last post on pad cratering dates from 2012. We have (likely similar) problems with a RoHS 783 solder ball BGA size 29x29mm^2 (organic package BT), pitch is 1mm and solder ball diam is 0.5mm the field failure is after 12 months, almost exclu

battery pad

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 28 14:25:33 EST 2007 | Bill

We have a board that uses a solder pad for one of the contacts of a button battery and had no problems when we were washing the boards. We are now using a no-clean flux and find that on a bunch of boards there is a coating of flux covering the pad s

Throiugh Hole pad missing after selective soldering

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 18 12:39:57 EDT 2022 | winston_one

Thanks for all comments. Process was adjusted normally, problem was in PCBs. Microsection of bare boards confirm that the copper thickness in troughholes was unsuffient, sometimes below 10 microns, on soldered boards where there were a problems durin

Throiugh Hole pad missing after selective soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 14 14:00:44 EDT 2022 | winston_one

Also at few boards we see excessive voiding, extremily excessive. During solderind some bubbling can be observed near the soldering point. Boards was dried before assembly. May be we have a problem with too thin metallisation - that's why poor adhesi

SMT solder pad design for hand soldering

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 19 12:00:07 EDT 2003 | modeltech

I am completely new to SMT design and for my next project I plan to use SMT for the first time. Since production volumes of the PCB's will be low, hand soldering is definitely an option, and will be necessary for my prototype PCB assembly. My proble

Vapour phase soldering - problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 19 16:07:58 EDT 2009 | davef

We don't know dip about vapor phase soldering, but we can't help but wonder how well the leads of the component match with the pads on the board.

Vapour phase soldering - problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 19 18:28:01 EDT 2009 | ratsalad

I'd like to ask a question. Have you determined where all those solder balls are coming from? I even see them on top of U40 and U15. This seems like a dumb question to me considering the size of the part (and having seen pictures of only one boa

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