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Solder pallet cleaner

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 08 22:24:48 EST 2016 | anhsang38

We are currently using wave solder pallet for our wave soldring process. I want to find a solder pallet cleaner machine that for cleaning pallet. Does anyone know where can i buy this machine. Pls, advise me for this case.

Solder pallet cleaner

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 18 16:25:14 EDT 2017 | Mike Konrad


Wave soldering pallet

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 07 08:15:29 EST 2016 | anhsang38

Hello everyone My company have just bought a new Wave Soldering. Therefore, i want to know how to design the pallet for this machine. Does everyone have pdf document that relative the structure of Pallet. Thank you so much.

Printing on a pallet

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 20 13:29:42 EDT 2014 | kkay

We have a small board that we run large quantities of. Unfortunately we cannot get them in a panel as it is an all aluminum board. Has any one successfully come up with a way to print boards in a pallet? These have fine pitch on them and the pallets

Selective pallet thickness

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 10 10:10:03 EDT 2001 | Rob Fischer

Obviously the less mass in the wave the better. There will be less heat sinking and less push on the solder. Pallet thickness is typically a function of the tallest component on the board. If the board has one component that is tall but small in a

Selective pallet thickness

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 23 14:59:56 EDT 2001 | relensky

I have been using pallet from Integrated Ideas and Technologies (www.integratedideas.com). They offer a "laminated" pallet that can have the various layers cut in several thicknesses. They are very helpful and willing to solve problems. The best p

Selective pallet thickness

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 13 19:38:28 EDT 2001 | Mike R.

I'm in Anaheim Area, if any body needs help for SMT Carrier Plate, Print Plate, Solder wave jig/Pallet and Assembly jig, Please send me an e-mail. miker228@cs.com

Printing on a pallet

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 20 14:38:31 EDT 2014 | kkay

Yes we were trying to run 8 at once in a pallet with no luck. Our aluminum boards are not square, they look something like a half moon shape so I don't think there is a way to panelize?

Printing on a pallet

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 29 19:26:51 EDT 2014 | pnguyvu

Hi KKay, Contact Steve at USA STENCILS INC, Will make you a free first article free of charge smt pallet to print and reflow multiple board at a time. Below is his contact info. Steve@usastencils.com 714-636-6211

Solder pallet cleaner

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 17 23:15:18 EDT 2017 | ivyzhang

Hello sir , our SM-8400N wave solder pallets cleaning machine is your best solution, Fully automatic with Washing -rinsing -drying process. For machine details ,please email me :assistant@china-sam.com .

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