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wave pallets

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 22 08:23:57 EST 2009 | davef

On a wave solder pallet, we'd expect the metal parts that go through the pallet to be warmer than the pallet material, but we don't expect them to be warmer than the solder. We don't expect a well made board to blister at soldering temperature. So,

titanium pallets

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 19 13:55:06 EST 2008 | scooter

If you are using a foam fluxer the heat in the pallet is knocking down the flux head

wave pallets

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 06 15:46:57 EST 2009 | deeclaybrook

Hi We have anew material that is very cost effective for solder pallets called Electro-Lock. You may find out more at http://www.rapidtool.com Kind regards dee claybrook

titanium pallets

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 18 17:18:54 EST 2008 | slootj

Has anyone experienced problems with using Titanium pallets when they get hot? I have a product that solders with no defects when the Ti is first used or warm but then have leads that are not soldered when the pallet is hot. By hot I mean it has been

titanium pallets

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 22 20:50:15 EST 2008 | operator

This was my first thought too. Something to do with he flux application or evaporation etc..

wave pallets

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 20 02:09:23 EST 2009 | nibirta

Hi all, I have a question regarding some wave pallets having metallic traces of Titanium. The solder mask is blistering in some locations on the PCB and I am wondering if this Titaniumn may have an influence by incresing locally the temp. Also we ar

wave pallets

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 23 05:37:23 EST 2009 | emmanueldavid

Necoleta, PWB Blistering/De-lamination may not be due for Titanium finished threads / holders which is typically being used to draw high Shelf Life of Pallets and even flow across Auto Wave Soldering rails. There is also nothing to suspect on Liquid

wave pallets

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 23 05:46:26 EST 2009 | nibirta

thk you very much for your fast answers. And yes, I am suspecting the same things also. The problem is to convince the PCB supplier that is his fault. A big fight all the time. SO, i will double check everything you said, and I willl come back with r

wave pallets

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 24 18:33:59 EST 2009 | gregoryyork

It is probably due to the solder mask being undercured and is porous alowing the flux to be absorbed which boils when it hits the solder wave that kills the adhesion. You should be seeing this only over copper traces/tracks. Reduce flux volume and in

wave pallets

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 12 06:23:27 EDT 2009 | gregoryyork

Thanks Nicoleta It is nice to hear the problem is solved and this is a massive problem in the industry especially for Lead Free. It is easy for a supplier who doesn't understand to blame incompatibility just a quick way out but doesn't fix anything

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