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Fuji CP642 Auto Pick adjust

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 22 11:02:13 EDT 2007 | gregf912

I have a CP642E machine that will not function if auto adjust is enabled in Part Descriptor. Symptom: Auto pick offset causes machine to pick part off center to the point of going to end of part after several picks. This only happens to parts that ha

Fuji IP-2 MTU servo alarm

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 19 13:50:29 EDT 2013 | kdc45

Thanks for the link, however, I have this manual already and it only shows how to replace motors, belts and prox switches and to adjust for zero set. Appreciate your time and efforts. I did find that it is an OC alarm. Thanks again. Regards, kdc45

Meridian 1020P servo wont start

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 09 05:06:52 EDT 2014 | bobpan

Are you sure you don't have a door interlock problem? Some of the covers of mirae machines have a physical switch and a magnetic switch that both have to be made for the interlock to be closed. It could be if you have a magnetic switch that the magne

IP2 placing parts shifted after servo fixed?

Electronics Forum | Fri May 01 14:39:43 EDT 2009 | jdengler

Swapping a servo amp out does not lead to an alignment issue unless the new amp is way out of adjustment. Did you do a "drift" adjustment after changing the amp? Does the axis vibrate badly while moving? More likely is someone crashed a head which

IP2 placing parts shifted after servo fixed?

Electronics Forum | Fri May 01 22:22:20 EDT 2009 | rodrigo

We didn't leave them swapted. They were placed in the original position until we got the replacement. What has me puzzled is that it worked for one panel correctly. I want to answer the other posts here too ... SA-6 is for Z2 The amp showing 7 is f

Samsung CP 45 NEO, servo motors

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 21 12:09:28 EDT 2019 | alexcouto

Hello Bukas, thanks again. Since at an early stage I switched heads # 1 and # 6 and they are not compatible, then I went through the manual and figured out why. in order to start at the beginning and check that it had not damaged anything, I put the

Re: Looking for someone who can fix the servo board of CP 4-2

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 28 20:14:28 EDT 1999 | xujun

hi,sai: we have a same m/c that is cp-43,but we haven't encounter the problem about servo board.I think is ac- speed- adjustment servo board.if you can conform th board is bad,consulting the fuji service agent is the best way! best regards

Fuji CP6-5 Servo Z overflow?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 21 04:11:31 EDT 2006 | daxman

Are you familar with using the mecca mode on Fuji machines? There is a procedure I can take you through that will check the servo amp and allow you to adjust it. Is your machine useable at all? can you get it to pass zero set? If you can, view your s

Panasert MPA 80 NM 2523

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 18 07:32:18 EDT 2013 | stephendo

It's been a long time but one thing I remember from those machines that about 50% of the time the error codes were a wild goose chase. At this point forget what the error code says. Can you move the head? Have you checked the servo cards? Is there

Panasert MPA 80 NM 2523

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 18 09:19:48 EDT 2013 | marcelorotofrance

I can move the axes XYUV just in short steps through the "MANUAL NC" function. The axis encoders seem to work; the readings of position follow the axis movements. However the actual position of the head has nothing to do with the readings at the disp

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