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Panasonic original chip mounter CM20F

Panasonic original chip mounter CM20F

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Product Name:  Panasoinc chip mounter CM20F Product number: CM20F Detailed product introduction CM20F Panasonic multi function placement machine Chip speed 0.58s/chip, 1.1s/QFP Substrate size (mm) 50mm X:L W 50mm to L 330mm X W 250mm Time of i


Panasonic CM20F-M  1KFZ0088

Panasonic CM20F-M 1KFZ0088

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Machine size: length 1500 * width 2000 * height 1500 (unit: mm)  Machine structure: 3 groups of placement heads, different nozzles can be replaced automatically  Machine specifications: standard version, front loading rack and tube load

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