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type of machine

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 08 23:40:43 EST 2006 | fastek

If......... 1) Assuming you are panelizing them (you would have to actually).... 2) You don't have any fine pitch parts on the board then I would suggest a chipshooter like a Fuji CP-6 or a Panasonic MV2F. Get (2) of these used for around $100K ea

Panasonic CM101

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 27 05:02:46 EST 2010 | lefwan

Hi everybody, we just bought 3 panasonic smt machines, but I noted that the components library are poor, is there anyway to import data from another place ? Do I need data sheet for all types of components? is ther any way to loaded ? please help gu

Panasonic CM101

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 27 06:23:03 EST 2010 | headlad

Being an owner of 3 different panasonic CM type machines the only advise I can give you is get a vernier, you'll need it.....

Panasonic cm402 service

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 19 01:40:21 EDT 2006 | shrikant_borkar

Hello all We are thinking of buying a cm402 > machine just wondering if other people who > have panasonic machines are happy with there > service. any info on cm402 machine would be > helpful. Thanks HI We are Now about

Re: Pros and Cons of Panasonic MV series chipshooter ?????

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 15 16:37:26 EDT 1998 | Earl Moon

| I am thinking of purchasing a Panasonic MV series chipshooter. If you own a Panasonic MV machine I would like to hear what you like and dislike about it. Is the service good? Are spare parts readily availiable? Does Panasonic support and follow up

Any Feedback on Panasonic CM202

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 18 12:44:06 EDT 2012 | mark25y2001

handling CM202 all type and capable to mount 0201 component with using nozzle type 205...


Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 11 21:41:51 EDT 2006 | fordf1502004

I am looking for some help and/or guidance. Our company is currently using a panasonic MPAG3 fine pitch machine, we just recently bought a universal conveyor for the downline operation, when I plug the smema cable from the panasonic into the universa

Panasonic 08x04 Feeders Paper -vs- Emboss

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 12 17:32:53 EDT 2004 | Petros

Can anyone tell me if the Panasonic K-style green emboss 08x04 feeders can be used interchangably with the white paper ones? If so what is the importance of the push pin and are there settings in the machine that need to be changed? Also is this (whi

Panasonic Feeders

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 25 11:39:00 EDT 2001 | pbarton

Hi All, We are having difficulty in obtaining a few feeders suitable for a Panasonic MV2V (medium) in the short timescales we require (i.e. we need them now) these feeder types are: 2 off 12x8, 2 off 16x8, and 2 off 8x4 These are all 'Q' type.

CP45FV Neo Parts teaching

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 26 19:59:02 EDT 2016 | mhanrahan

We've just purchased a CP45FV Neo to replace an ancient Panasonic line. First non-Panasonic placement equipment I've worked on, so learning as I go here. So far it's been pretty straightforward. However, we use some parts that come in QFN or LCC p

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