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VCD equipment

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 03 17:30:14 EDT 2015 | sumote

Panasonic. Or a second price point would be > refurbished Universal or Panasonic. > Panasonic. Or a second price point would be > refurbished Universal or Panasonic. Hey Don, you still out there? I tried to find you, but cant seem to. email me

Re: Panasonic Feeders MVII and MPA

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 05 11:14:30 EDT 1999 | ALAPONT

I am loking for second hand panasonic feeders MVII and MPA. Please tell me characteristics, price and waranties.

Panasonic ( MK , MPA ) computer control

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 10 06:58:30 EDT 2003 | fpcb

these machines are controled by a panadac 783 which has memory for 8 programs. How you can control these machines by a computer ? There is ,as I have heard, a Panasonic program host. what can it do , Is this the solution ? Thanks John

Splicing for Panasonic Machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 20 12:56:21 EDT 2013 | cbeneat

We've only used/seen the manual splicer. However our operators can splice a part in 30-45 seconds. What Panasonic models do you use? The CM/NPM's give you plenty of warning that a splice is needed so the machine doesn't stop.

Panasonic servodrivers in Tenryu

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 30 07:56:32 EDT 2013 | lkavan

Waw,you are really fast!!! Thank you very much, I am going to test it!

Tape Splicing Joint Sensor for Panasonic Sensors

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 25 12:42:30 EDT 2013 | Chris

You have to make sure the tape is covering the holes, this is where the sensor reads the tape.

unmarked chip resistors

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 30 09:00:07 EDT 2017 | rvines1

The difference is that our customer expected these resistors to be marked, and Panasonic's documentation online is inadequate to prove otherwise.

Used dispenser machine HDP-G1 or HDP - G2

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 30 14:40:05 EST 1999 | Sergio Luiz Vito

I am Looking for used dispenser machine manufactured by panasonic (HDP-G1 or HDP-G3). Thanks Eng. Sergio Luiz Vito

Re: Used dispenser machine HDP-G1 or HDP - G2

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 30 22:01:33 EST 1999 | Dave F

Sergio: You're looking on all the wrong places. Go to: * SMTnet PCBCE Mart * chipshooters.com * ipc.org * Any of the myrid of equipment brokers listed in the archives * Panasonic Good luck Dave F


Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 15 20:30:39 EDT 1998 | Nancy J Dawdy

Would anybody like to share experiences with adding and using the SECS/GEM interface on a multi-vendor line(DEK,FUJI,PANASONIC, UNIVERSAL,BTU)???

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