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Flux dip or solder print for CSP

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 13 01:47:28 EST 2017 | soldertraining

Solder flux and solder paste deposition is a standard step during the chip attach and sphere attach portions of BGA and CSP assembly. A technique called ultra-violet fluorescence intensity mapping (UV FIM) has been introduced that allows flux measure

does potato can absorbed the solder or lead

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 12 10:59:24 EST 2007 | chineechooze

i got graph and proces mapping for dah ROhs

Panasonic cm402 service

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 19 01:40:21 EDT 2006 | shrikant_borkar

Hello all We are thinking of buying a cm402 > machine just wondering if other people who > have panasonic machines are happy with there > service. any info on cm402 machine would be > helpful. Thanks HI We are Now about


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