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Panasonic MPA-V 2

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 14 05:36:14 EST 1998 | Mattias

If there is anyone who has experience of the new Panasonic MPA-V2, please let me know about known problems and strenghts with this machine.

Stickfeeder for MPA-V2

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 09 03:18:50 EST 2001 | Rudolf Niebling

Where I can buy Stickfeeder or Multistickfeeder for the Panasonic MPA-V2 machine. I don't lock for Panasonic solutions.

QFP Coplanarity

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 25 17:07:15 EST 2002 | peterson

We are using a Panasonic MPAV2 to place some QFP's. Can someone please help me with a problem we are having with coplanarity! The machine is "dropping" parts due to coplanarity issues. What settings should we be looking at in order to eliminate the

Placement of 32 pin QFN w/t ground pad

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 09 00:57:05 EDT 2009 | jjmag921612000

SteveO, I had personal experience with this using a Panasonic MPAV2B. It took a while, but I believe the end result was to have some additional "Z" travel to press the QFN into the paste. Also, the design of the paste on the ground was key to keep t


Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 21 11:52:56 EDT 2007 | slthomas

Mark, the only Panasonics I've worked with were MSHIIs and an MPAV2B and at this point I'm foggy on both, but both tracked component inspection errors quite well. You should be able to tell how many parts are rejected for thickness inspection errors

Panasonic p&p programming

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 13 10:44:37 EST 2007 | slthomas

Since no one has responded I'll give you what little I know. My last place of employment used MSH-IIs and an MPAV-2B. As far as I know there is no optimisation capability at the machine like there is with your Topaz. The programmer used Panasonic

rating smt machine

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 08 11:14:15 EST 2007 | slthomas

Of that list, I've only worked with Panasonic. Complex, fast chipshooters but noisy, a little clunky on the operator interface but the MSH's were vintage 1997 or so. The MPAV2B wasn't as accurate as I think it should have been but it got the job done


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