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Panasonic MSR 8x4mm Paper/Emboss FEEDERS

Panasonic MSR 8x4mm Paper/Emboss FEEDERS

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sell panasonic msr w8 x p4 feeder at low cost, 10485BL153,10485BL053 

HuiKe Tech

Panasonic MSR/MSH/MV2F

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Stock List Brand Model Year Including FUJI CP6 1994 0.09s/pc. Nozzle 40pcs, 8x4mm Feeder 50pcs Panasert MVIIF 1997 0.1s/pc. Nozzle 24pcs,35pcs 8x4mm 15pcs Panasert MVIIF 2000 0.1s/pc. Nozzle 24pcs,25pcs of 8x4mm Double Tape Feeder Panasert MSH3 2002

Brilliance Electronic


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