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Panasonic MSR Question

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 17 09:42:18 EDT 2001 | Hussman

G'Day All, I have a couple of new Panasonic MSR's. Whenever I load a new program into the machine, I have to manually feed the first PCB onto the X/Y table to get it to run. After that, they run just fine. Panasonic is going to be in and they hav

Re: converting from 0805's to smaller packages

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 08 17:46:38 EST 2001 | Mark Krmpotich

Panasonics are good machines as long as you do the proper and timely PM's they recommend. Plus with my past history and from others that I here, their feeders are some of their biggest down fall. That's typically why they have to introduce new style

Re: Feeder Maintenance

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 17 15:28:43 EST 1998 | Steve Schwarz

| Do anyone know of any feeder maintenance programs, | software, etc.? We carry over 1000 Fuji feeders and | would like know what the standard is to maintain these. | Any suggestions would be helpful. | Thanks, | Reggie Aquino *** Warning Blatant V

seeking better process

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 16 11:52:31 EST 2001 | J.D. of Panasonic

Ed, You certainly are ready for some equipment. I noticed in your message that you mentioned cost three times. So it is a very big issue to you. What everything depends on is where you see your company going in the next few years. Do you want


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