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panasonic kme nozzle dust filter

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 16 02:39:18 EST 2020 | originoat

panasonic kme nozzle dust filter original part PN 010DC181502

Count on Tools Juki nozzle parts

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 22 16:59:48 EDT 2014 | tombstonesmt

No, these were Panasonic nozzles.

Philips Topaz not picking up nozzle

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 09 14:10:41 EDT 2015 | duchoang

Last time I used Topaz X2 was 5 years ago. Correct me if I'm wrong. There are some reasons: -Head dirty so machine thought there was nozzle on head already. -Nozzle changer/ Nozzle position offset. -Something jammed and nozzle changer can not go all

Pick & place nozzle for data switch

Electronics Forum | Mon May 25 20:31:32 EDT 2009 | dcell_1t

wich is the model of the machine you're trying to place this component? what are the placement issues that youre observing. on the IP3 that we place switches we use a 3.7 nozzle (standard) because of the dimensions on the component, the issue that I

SMD LEDs stick to nozzle while mounting

Electronics Forum | Mon May 21 09:04:15 EDT 2012 | cbeneat

We've had the same issue on our Panasonic CM machines with Cree XP type LEDs. Count on tools makes a urethane tip nozzle that we are using which eliminates the sticking, our concern with these is durability. Nozzle supply company makes a steel Teflo

About registering nozzle into Nozzle Library on Panasonic

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 02 19:20:28 EDT 2022 | linux

the info you require comes with the nozzle when you purchase it from panasonic. what's the nozzle number. is it gripper or vacuum.

About registering nozzle into Nozzle Library on Panasonic

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 23 13:43:42 EDT 2022 | klauss

Hi, How do we know what values we should use to add new nozzles into library? There are VU, VD, TT, MT, FB, Adhesion Check and SN blanks but i am not sure what they should be. Is there any default settings for them?

LED sticking into carrier tape

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 04 11:13:34 EDT 2017 | tombstonesmt

One tip that I found very useful in this application that hasn't been mentioned is auto pick up position teach. Our Panasonic equipment will constantly move the pick up position in regards to the center of the nozzle when scanned. On older Panasonic

Die placement with MPA-G3 pick and place

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 06 07:53:51 EDT 2002 | Jim M.

Has anyone had much luck Picking and Placing die with a Panasonic MPA-G3?What special setups or considerations are required? Currently we pick and place one die with our Universal GSM using only one nozzle. The nozzle must be painted white in order

PANASONIC RMA Nozzles breakage

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 10 05:16:32 EST 2000 | Jeff

We have nozzles breakage troubleshooting since we uses the PANASONIC RMA nozzle on our MV2x Chip-shooter. Our nozzles are breaked in its opening, and cause components damages. Also, if anyone with experience in nozzles breakage with PANASONIC RMA No

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