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conveyor down speed of panasonic npm

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 11 07:05:06 EDT 2024 | klauss

while conveyor goes down to relaese pcb, some big compoments are swinging left or right due to high down speed of the conveyor. is there any way to decrease the speed?

Does anyone use PT200, PanaCIM, auto changeover, CM402, CM602, CM212 machines here?

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 23 13:47:48 EDT 2014 | tombstonesmt

I have a few years of experience with PT200, PanaPro, DGS, NPM, CM602 and DT401. Mainly on programming side and recognition trouble shooting. Any questions I'd be glad to help.

Panasonic offline recognition machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 27 16:53:01 EST 2018 | dnachristen

We have one. Great machine but seems to be broken after the current DGS update. We are working on getting the link set back up. Makes it easy to vision in odd components.

Panasonic NPM-W Nozzle error

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 05 04:13:23 EST 2019 | bane016

actually not...only with NPM W2 AND TT2...and with HDP dispenser...CM602 402 is an older generation than NPM but the principle is the same..the program is slightly different...im more than 10yrs in this job..

Panasonic NPM-W Nozzle error

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 07 16:18:12 EST 2019 | cbeneat

Been working with CM's since 2006, we've had 2 lines of NPM's for the last 4 years. I like the NPM's, but the CM's have been a work horse. We have gotten our monies worth:)

Panasonic NPM-W Nozzle error

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 04 05:50:37 EST 2019 | bane016

It's nice to see that you've solved the problem...panasonic npm w2 is very powerfull machine but asks everything to be perfect and everything is pure to work well...looking for a clean ventilated room without dust..regular maintenance daily, weekly,

Panasonic NPM-W Nozzle error

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 08 10:16:58 EST 2019 | bane016

Hehe it's nice to hear that you are satisfied with the machine..The only problems with the NPM that we had was filter full for now... Are you using auto changeover,automatic suportpins and material control?

If npm1 mounting not there...PCB directly need to go to NPM 2..how to do program setting??

Electronics Forum | Wed May 01 11:47:44 EDT 2024 | linux

Panasonic provide several courses beginners to advance. Not very expensive

Panasonic NPM-W Nozzle error

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 04 16:22:55 EST 2019 | cbeneat

Do you have any experience on CM's? 602/402's in particular.

Panasonic NPM feeder cart

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 02 02:29:16 EST 2019 | bane016

Problem solved. Burned electronic on cart.

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