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RoHS and Non-RoHS products in same ICT Fixture

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 24 15:31:08 EDT 2017 | elrohir

I have a supplier that want to upgrade all nails on a huge amount of ICT fixture due to test RoHS compliant PCBAs. My thought is that even if there are a very small fraction of residues left on the pins it will never go over the 1000PPM level. In fu

what is the different between ENIG and Immersion Au

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 12 10:05:13 EST 2006 | davef

There's a lots comparisons like this on the web. Here's one: Westwood Associates said on 8/12/2003: ||HASL||OSP||ENIG||Pd||Tin||Silver Flat||no||yes||yes||yes||yes||yes Solderjoint||Cu-Sn||Cu-Sn||Ni-Sn||Ni-Sn||Cu-Sn||Cu-Sn Contact||E-test, ICT||no|


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