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Press Fit Connector pin protrusion in Backplane

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 08 00:40:37 EST 2007 | Scott

I think that as long as the compliant portion of the pin is completely in the board, pin protrusion should not make any difference. I have seen some large Aerospace companies internal specifications and the two requirements seem to be that the compli

Compliant Pin Conn on SMA

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 10 08:31:03 EDT 1998 | Greg Curler

We are considering the use of compliant pin connectors on surface mount assys instead of pasting thru-hole connectors (boards can't be wavesoldered). We are looking at VME mother & daughter connectors, and compiant pin sockets that would replace PGA

BGA cracking

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 25 16:50:50 EDT 2008 | glennster

Ditto here, also. This is generally referred to as �cratering,� and is associated with stress on boards from operations such as ICT, installation of compliant pin connectors, and depanelization. It is more common on PCBs designed for Lead-free proc


Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 16 14:39:07 EST 2011 | rsikora

Has anyone used - or have any useability information on - the QuikTool compliant pin pcb support system? http://www.quik-tool.com/

Component Contact

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 30 11:10:41 EDT 2001 | hinerman

There are several things to look for in a compliant tooling system 1. How much force per pin is required to lock the pins in place? This is especially important since you will be multiplying by the total number of pins on all modules. 2. Is ther

Re: Help I need DATA on Thermal shock caused by REWORK!

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 14 10:49:13 EDT 1999 | Dan Woodward

Andrew, As I read about issues with reworking connectors, whether they are surface mount or PTH soldered, I wonder if compliant pin pressfit connectors are being considered. They are easily assembled after all SMT without any thermal input, and on e


Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 19 09:34:08 EDT 2001 | jschake

Both FormFlex and Grid-lok tooling systems are marketed as compliant tooling systems. Both are able to conform to the variations of the topography on the bottomside of a substrate to provide full support during printing of 2nd side assembly. The ba

Press fit connnector

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 09 10:20:26 EST 2000 | Sal

Currently we have started seeing an issue around a scuzzy connector.The problem being that during insertion of this connnector a couple of pins refused to be inserted and as a result fold over, this folding of the pin is causing the pin itself to fra

Re: S.P.O.T.T.

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 12 11:26:50 EDT 2002 | pjc

Sean, Have you contacted Speedline Technologies applications enegineers? They have a lot of knowledge about SPOTT working with customers over the years to develop the process. I myself have experience doing SPOTT. I used Fuji GSP2 printers with overs

RoHS and Non-RoHS products in same ICT Fixture

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 24 15:31:08 EDT 2017 | elrohir

I have a supplier that want to upgrade all nails on a huge amount of ICT fixture due to test RoHS compliant PCBAs. My thought is that even if there are a very small fraction of residues left on the pins it will never go over the 1000PPM level. In fu

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