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Conformal Coat Underfill on HD connectors

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 21 10:16:28 EDT 2004 | davef

Check with your connector supplier, but most press-fit contacts will pierce through Types UR & XY conformal coat (military approved). Acrylic (AR) Urethane (UR) Epoxy (ER) Silicone (SR) Parylene (XY)

Conformal Coating Strip with Connectors???

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 19 08:02:38 EST 2010 | duso02

We regularly strip conformal coating for military customers. Connector removal is not required. The type of coating is the biggest factor. Acrylics and silicones are easy and will come off nicely without any other damage. Epoxy and fully cured polyur


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