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UV Tracer in Parylene

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 16 18:11:30 EDT 2011 | kvanzill

Has anyone done any testing with UV tracer in Parylene processing? Does it cause adhesion problems? Does anyone have any data they can share on this.

UV Tracer in Parylene

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 11 10:55:48 EDT 2011 | diamondmt

Lou, Oh really? Why's that?

UV Tracer in Parylene

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 06 15:56:22 EDT 2011 | duso02

We do parylene coating and really frown upon using a UV additive. Technically, it's a contaminant to the parylene.

UV Tracer in Parylene

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 07 11:35:16 EDT 2011 | blnorman

I had read somewhere that parylene absorbs UV radiation, and therefore offers very low UV protection. So, yeah probably not a good idea. Plus since it's vapor deposited, unless there is no access to a surface, all surfaces are covered.

conformal coating

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 04 08:45:42 EDT 2005 | jimih280

how does polyurethane used for wood floor coating differ from urethane conformal coatings sold for circuit boards? where can i get uv tracer to put in oil based urethane?

Blacklight for coating inspection

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 19 09:46:32 EDT 2011 | blnorman

Hopefully the coating does contain a UV tracer. We used a silicone years ago that did not, but UV did make it fluoresce to a degree, you just couldn't ensure 100% coverage. One time we did have a problem with the coating getting on connector pins,

bead blasting conformal coatings

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 03 15:14:58 EST 2015 | stevezeva

This is a late reply, but from my experience a really good removal station is one made by a company called CCRCo. They make a micro-abrasive station that addresses all the ESD concerns. They utilize a reusable media that is really cost effective. The

Solder on gold finger

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 20 05:04:30 EDT 2006 | bing007

We had a similar problem with gold contact pads. Cleanliness is paramount. If you are using foil tensioning system, wash the foil in a stencil wash before use as the cardboard cassettes may be contaminated. Be very careful when loading into a frame f

Corrosion due to RTV adhesive

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 08 06:26:03 EST 2008 | jdumont

Hey that was me way back! Anyways, use Dow 3140 (self leveling) or Dow 3145 (peanut butter consistency) and call it a day. No out gassing/acidic properties. 3140 also contains a UV tracer for black light inspection. Any tall caps should be epoxied if

Conformal Coating Coverage

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 30 15:41:52 EST 2003 | MikeF

The easy part is to determine which parts should be coated. The harder part is making sure the parts that should not be coated do not get coated. I don't even want to think about the amount of labor and materials I've lost due to conformal coat get


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