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Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 19 01:27:31 EDT 1998 | Mark Chua

Speaker made of ABS material could not withstand temperature of 250 C after wave soldering, please advise what is the guidelines for such material to pass thru wave soldering process, is there any guide books for my reference.

Why is NC the prefer process for BGA mounting? why not WS?

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 23 00:22:10 EDT 2001 | mugen

Ha! I too have a P.h.D...... Mine is a certified, "PASS. Highschool *with* .Difficulty".... so which rock did you crawl from under??

Wrinkle finished on solder joint

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 25 08:19:53 EDT 2001 | Dave G

Sounds like somthing disturbed the solder joint while it was @ liquidus. Could the part/leads be moving on the 2cnd pass ?

Second Pass In Wavesolder

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 03 07:38:01 EST 2002 | davef

Scott is correct. Expanding a bit, the SMTnet Library has a "Terms & Definitions" listing in the "Standards & Terms" section.

Second Pass In Wavesolder

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 03 07:49:20 EST 2002 | hany_khoga

Thanks Scott: The Assembley is Mixid ( reflow then wavesoldered). It is One curcuit. Is the Tg averagely known for FR4 PCB assemblies? Hany

Second Pass In Wavesolder

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 03 08:44:08 EST 2002 | davef

The Tg of the resin commonly used in FR-4 is 140�C. Consider checking with your supplier to better understand the specific materials used in constructing your board.

White Flux Stains - stubborn stains

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 28 07:48:18 EST 2002 | cnotebaert

Did you perform a cleanliness test on the boards? did it pass? if yes whats the issue? visual attributes like this will not effect form fit or function of the device. Finding this under 30X, wow, why 30X????

Hand Lotions

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 04 18:53:42 EST 2002 | babe

I have documentation from many companies on a hand lotion that passes all of the critical tests required in handling of PCB's. If you wish I could copy or have the manufacturer send this information your way. Steve

how cp642 identify the melf1.3 & 1.3 nozzle

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 22 02:18:09 EDT 2002 | mjabure

Specify the nozzle size as 1.4 in both the nozzle allocation table and the PD, the nozzles will still pass center test as the size variation is still within tolerence.

CSP and underfill

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 23 18:51:00 EDT 2002 | edahi

weve done a few evaluations for the no-flow underfill and for the reliability I think it has already passed MRT L3 @ 220C reflow. What is it specifically you're interested about the flow u/fill??

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