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5DX or equivalent

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 18 16:53:08 EDT 2013 | ejurentkuff

Our biggest concern is "head in pillow". I need something that can easily find this defect and call it out. I don't want something that I need an operator reviewing for pass/fail.

Delamination effect in FR1 type PCB (Lead free soldering)

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 30 02:05:08 EST 2013 | mysmt

Hello, I am facing intermittent delamiantion effect in FR1 type laminate after wavesoldring.Bath temp. is 255 degees cel.Preheater temp is also controlled (110 deg cel. on top side before passing on solder bath). Thanks,

UNIVERSAL GSM1 UIMC card jumpers

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 06 17:46:33 EST 2014 | escalador

Do You know what is the purpose of slot 12 card, the third one?I it has the fail led on after startup so it cannot pass the machine model loading stage.

What is a typical SMT placement defect rate?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 10 08:18:15 EDT 2014 | emeto

I think what you are asking for is called First Pass Yield and for us that is in the upper 90s. It will depend on the board complexity and quantity - makes big difference if you run 10pcs or a 10000pcs. Regards, Emil

Flying Probe

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 08 11:32:11 EDT 2014 | wavemasterlarry

So I got this engnieer that says the boards I waved for him dont pass his flying probe test. What the heck is a flying probe? If it's anything like my doctors probe, I don't want anything to do with it!!

Panasonic Panasert SPPV solder paste screen printer

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 28 14:18:41 EDT 2014 | tombstonesmt

Spoke to the maintenance manager, master password is the current date in reverse. For example : Today is 10/28/2014 so... 41028201 Level 3 should be pass3. Hope this helps.

samsung CP40CV installation software,

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 02 11:15:02 EST 2017 | muzzy

Hi. I know that a lot of time has passed, but if anyone still need this software I can upload it. Regards, m

Topaz-Xii Error Code 30

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 24 10:58:15 EDT 2015 | chris_jayconsystems_com

I have checked and rechecked all my dimensions on the capacitor which is a 402 size. The manual says that the center is incorrect. Need some help to figure out why it is throwing this part away seeing it passes a vision test. Any help would be gratef

APS Novastar GF-12 Oven TUNE password

Electronics Forum | Wed May 13 16:09:17 EDT 2015 | ttheis

After about 5 minutes of trying different code combinations I found it- hold simultaneously: F1 - Left - Down - Right FYI the setup menu pass code is: F2 - Left - Up - Down

SMEMA Conveyor into Reflow Oven? How to handle end of line signal.

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 15 18:52:15 EST 2015 | ttheis

I presume start by having it just pass into oven as soon as it is given a board from the placement machine. If I find I need to pace the boards into the oven it seems a basic PLC would be needed? Thanks for the help.

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