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Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 28 08:59:54 EST 2006 | davef

Amol Kane You say, "Also, we pass the LF baords thru the same inline wash as you dont wash away the solder (you wash away the flux)." How did you sort through the concern that leaded solder balls [running around in the wash tank from a previous was

QSA30V up-look vision problem, need help.

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 17 12:02:23 EST 2006 | derengmao

I have a QSA30V, but the up-look vision camara could not identify parts, although calibration PASS and parts show on the screen are OK. I have never see a working up-look camera for QSA30V. Could you help me to to fix, or is it workable?

Conformal Coating Machines.........

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 31 15:23:10 EST 2006 | jdumont

We have a C-740. I agree with the second pass statement. Be careful how much you overlap. Also make sure the board is very clean before you coat or its worthless. You will be able to get very accurate results without masking. Let me know if you need

Hot Bar Soldering of Flex to Hardboard vs. ACF

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 18 10:56:35 EDT 2006 | jaymcgowan

I am working on a new product that has a flex circuit attached to an 8 layer motherboard. There are 25+/- connections. I am investigating hot bar soldering vs ACF (conductive film) to make the attachment. I am looking for literature/papers/experim

Reflow Oven Profiling

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 25 13:05:08 EDT 2006 | Hoss

TMC, Are you interested in this approach because you only have a flat belt conveyor and want to keep the components from being moved by the belt on the second pass? If so, you might try adding some stiffeners to the board edges to stand the board o

Capacitor Shorts after Depaneling

Electronics Forum | Wed May 10 13:21:58 EDT 2006 | scombs

Thanks for the reply. We have carefully inspected the part and solder joint after depaneling and all looks good. What is weird is if you remove the part from the board and check continuity with a meter you have a dead short. If you put on a new part

Reflow temperature setting

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 08 03:40:32 EDT 2006 | aj

Hi, I use convection reflow and both top & bottom settings are the same. Is the part too heavy to rely on surface tension? there is an equation that can determine this (aswell as real test i.e. part falling off) We have some SIM Card holders on bot

Low Flux Residue Solder Paste

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 16 08:45:35 EDT 2006 | Chunks

It's hard to say since cleanliness on my product may be acceptable, but may fail on yours. If you really are worried about flux residues, or need to pass some cleanliness spec, you may want to look into water soluable. Otherwise, most of the name b

Fuji CP6-5 Servo Z overflow?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 21 04:11:31 EDT 2006 | daxman

Are you familar with using the mecca mode on Fuji machines? There is a procedure I can take you through that will check the servo amp and allow you to adjust it. Is your machine useable at all? can you get it to pass zero set? If you can, view your s

Low tensile strenght of SMD

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 18 11:24:25 EDT 2006 | samir

This RoHS has created a new "underworld" of brokered parts --- parts dipped in Lead-Free alloy to pass as "lead free." I could see some guy with a fur coat and feathered boa hawking lead free parts on the street: "Check it ouuuttt...I got lead free

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