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Apr 15, 2019 |

DEK 265 Horizon

Feb 21, 2019 | I am trying to do a Pass Through and the DEK wont send the board to the Conveyor and it says its wai

OEM customer lawsuit

Jun 28, 2018 |

Stencil life

Apr 20, 2018 |

Universal Axial Model 6287A communication

Mar 6, 2018 | Thanks Don, I will pass this info on to the Maintenance department at the plant where this machine i

uBGA (.5mm pitch) printing woes

Sep 22, 2017 | Just for the sake of passing along the information, the fine grained stencil provided zero improveme

Reflow Profiling

Jul 25, 2017 | "We use Mistral 360 with glass top where you can "see" your process while board pass through the ove

Chip Component Stacking

May 2, 2017 |


Nov 3, 2016 | Dear JummyB We noted that when the machine is initializing, and when all check step pass, we just

Question about Quad 4C

Sep 22, 2016 | Hello, The machine measures the part using the laser on the head after picking it up. It then passe

Potting/Conformal Coating

Feb 25, 2016 |

X-ray equipment

Apr 14, 2015 |

Can anyone tell me that between Mirtek & Kohyoung which AOI machine will be better and why?

Feb 12, 2015 | They are both very good machines however Kohyoung will give you better first pass results meaning a

Relay failures

Jul 29, 2014 |


Jul 14, 2014 |

PCB Delamination

Jun 1, 2012 |

Universal conveyor help

Sep 29, 2011 | I recently bought a used Universal conveyor #5362I. All I need it to do is pass through boards from


Aug 31, 2011 | Non-Hermetically sealed parts are parts are not air tight and gasses and liquids will pass into the

5 zone oven profile

Apr 5, 2011 |

I need an Oven

Apr 23, 2010 |

Contact System C5 Question

Apr 22, 2010 | I am looking for anyone who has a C5 or equivalent that has successfully been able to pass large QFP

Motherboard become NO POST when humidity increase to 90%

Nov 20, 2009 | One of our instruments has a high impedance front-end. We: * Passed functional test in the environm

Conformal Coat peeling

Apr 9, 2009 |

solder balls on pcb

Oct 23, 2008 |

Fluid Dispense Pump Integration

conformal coating pcb - asymtek