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Dewetting in Sn Sufrace PCB in 2 Pass Reflow

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 09 20:12:51 EST 2017 | imarkl

Any advise about dewetting defect occurrence during 2nd pass reflow. Commonality on affected PCB having water marks near affected pad(s). Elemental composition found on affected pads without solder paste are Silicon and Sulfur. As well as in pad with

Help me increase my first pass yields

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 04 11:23:44 EDT 1998 | Frank S

If you could measure and chart 3 variables in my process, what would they be? The boards that I produce are on panels that are 12up and 2x4 up. All boards are single sided paper base w/o plated thru holes. They are on scored panels that measure 7"

Re: E-mail pass word protection?

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 21 18:06:11 EDT 1999 | Cunli

I would like to protect my SMTNet e-mail account from others who use my system. I can't seem to find the pass word feature. Although I do incurage going to the site on my system I don't like the idea that everyone can go through my e-mail. Jeff,

Re: Double sided reflow in one pass?

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 18 08:38:46 EDT 1999 | Jason Gregory

Is there process by which one can do a double sided reflow (SMT on both sides) in one pass through the oven? Paul, Here's a way it might be done. Screen your bottom side with paste (if only passives, 0603-1206 & sot 23's), dispense glue for sam

IC marking unclear after pass reflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 31 09:16:41 EDT 2008 | davef

What is changing the marking on the part? * Is flux residue coating the part to change the the way light reflects from the part surface? [Run a board with tape on the part, then remove the tape prior to AOI] * Is the heat of the oven changing the mar

IC marking unclear after pass reflow

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 01 12:12:43 EDT 2008 | jdengler

On our machine we have found that some IC's require a different light for inspection based on the manufacturer. Have you tried other lighting options? You may need to talk to the AOI manufacturer to see if there is something the machine may be able

IC marking unclear after pass reflow

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 02 13:56:03 EDT 2008 | slthomas

So your golden board isn't a valid representation of your production material. I don't use AOI but it sounds like either you need a vendor that can guarantee the same part marking appearance as you originally programmed to (not likely) or you need a

IC marking unclear after pass reflow

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 02 15:35:27 EDT 2008 | jdengler

Our AOI machine can save various views of the same part number since we all know that different manufacturers will mark parts differently, some manufacturers vary their own marks. We get parts from the same manufacturer but different date codes that

IC marking unclear after pass reflow

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 01 09:46:26 EDT 2008 | patsama_n

Thank you for kindness advice. From the result of IC after pass the reflow process. The color of letter will change to similar color of material compound of IC. Then when we inspection by AOI machine, we have many problem about high fault reject rate

IC marking unclear after pass reflow

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 02 09:56:59 EDT 2008 | patsama_n

Every time to create new AOI program we must manual set at bright lighting level for each component. then this case we think the parameter of AOI setting it not concern for this problem due to the golden board that we use to confirm machine before st

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