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Lost password on Conceptronic oven

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 16 10:02:12 EDT 2003 | marcelll

Hello All We have here a Conceptronic oven running under Win 3.1 and the password have been lost. Is there a trick to find it in some files or do we have to reload the firmware ? Thanks

Lost password on Conceptronic oven

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 16 10:29:42 EDT 2003 | james

Did you ever change the passwords on the oven or were they defaults and you dont remember them? Because for level 1 is the number 1 for 2 it is 2 and for level 3 it is 3. Hope this helps.

Lost password on Conceptronic oven

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 18 04:22:47 EDT 2003 | kanwal324

Please go through the manual. resetting the CMOS setting will solve your problem. Its better you consult with machine manufacturer if problem is not solved.

Lost the password for the Quad QSV-1

Electronics Forum | Mon May 23 12:37:00 EDT 2011 | quadsmt

Hello, I've lost the password for my Quad QSV-1. I tried the default password: "QUAD." and a lot of obvious guesses. How can I reset or recover the password so I can use the machine again. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very mu

Default factory password for Ekra X4?

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 16 17:48:43 EST 2022 | kumarb

Hi. May I ask the factory default password used on the Ekra X4 printer for the PCB parameter changes? Believe it is some permutation of '4113' or similar. We had an accident recently with a drunk driver run through our building. In the process, lo

Omega meter (OM700) help

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 11 16:17:22 EDT 2006 | jimc

Need help with an 1994 vintage Alpha Metals Omegameter 700 (OM700) Ionic Contamination tester. These machines apparently came with a unique password to access the configuration. The original factory-configured password has been long lost. I'm wo

Ersa Versaflo

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 01 19:31:03 EDT 2016 | marcelll

Strange problem with a Versaflo selective wave Very long for the pot to reach is set temperature ( 5 h ) At 180 C, the pump doesn’t seem to start like it should be So very long to heat the bottom of the pot Finally, the bottom element is turning on

APS Novastar oven tuning?

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 11 23:15:01 EST 2010 | smt_dude

My APS GF12 seems to have lost it's settings randomly last night, and it won't let me run any profiles unless it's autotuned. I've figured out the security password and can get into the tuning menu, but not sure what to do from here. Anyone know wh


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