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solder paste

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 27 09:58:05 EDT 2011 | davef

Pressure printing systems Conventional stencil printing techniques have fundamental limitations as regards paste handling: The volume of paste available for printing is limited, so frequent replenishment is necessary Paste is difficult to c

Solder paste height

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 05 20:32:17 EST 2009 | davef

Most likely, placing components will smush the higher points on the edges of your paste deposit

solder paste deposition

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 07 06:43:44 EST 2006 | davef

Metal is about 50 percent by volume

solder paste deposition

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 06 19:57:19 EST 2006 | abhinavajmera

What would be the most suitable expression for ratio of Volume of Alloy to Volume of Paste for a solder paste? For example if we use 63Sn/37Pb alloy with a 90 Wt% metal what would be an appopriate expression for the Volume Ratio?

Solder paste height

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 05 09:54:59 EST 2009 | davef

When you measure "solder paste heigth of 7 & 8 mils using a 5.0 mils stencil," are you measuring the top of a flat brick? Sometimes if you snap-off the stencil too fast, the paste touching the stencil walls form peaks along the edge of the brick that

Sudden paste release problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 10 09:14:09 EST 2005 | davef

Don't kid yourself, something has changed. * Worn stencils should produce better release and greater paste deposits than less worn stencils. * Consider inspecting the effectiveness of your cleaning process with a X10 magnifier. * Temperature in your

solder paste measurement machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 26 11:40:10 EDT 2007 | CL

Good Morning, We have a 3D solder paste inspection machine. We purchased it on a recommendation from a consultant. We are a CM high mix low volume. The President of my company has attended some seminars and meetings where it was conveyed to her that

Solder paste SPC analysis

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 25 06:56:55 EDT 2000 | G. English

A question mainly for Dave. F, but if anyone else can help I would be very grateful. We (as a, process engineering dept) are getting crucified by our �internal customers�. ��The QUALITY??? Dept�� regarding information taken from solder paste height

solder paste printing

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 29 10:11:02 EDT 2019 | cyber_wolf

“For a number of years now, work has been proceeding in order to bring perfection to the crudely conceived idea of a transmission that would not only supply inverse reactive current for use in unilateral phase detractors, but would also be capable of

AIM SN100C Solder paste

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 06 15:47:09 EDT 2006 | jbrower

Last week I had the opportunity to get a sample of AIM SN100C solder paste. The SN100C paste was very nice to work with. My initial observations was that the paste had a very light odor, much less than the Alpha UP78 paste that we are currently

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