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Solder paste dispensers question

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 26 18:03:50 EDT 2007 | dilogic

Does anybody have a practical experience with solder paste dispenser for small-scale production (prototypes, or 10-20 pcs. batches)? What ptich size is realistic? Let's say that the speed is not an issue, but the quality is. - Deni

Solder paste dispensers question

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 27 11:23:40 EDT 2007 | pjc

You can get reliable solderpaste dots down to 20-30mil dia. with Type 3. Accurate and repeatable dispensing machine for X-Y-Z placement of the dot is critical. Here are the leading machines: http://www.speedlinetech.com/camalot/index.aspx http://

Solder paste dispensers question

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 26 20:18:45 EDT 2007 | hegemon

For what it is worth, we are purchasing a dispensing system including a Robotic Arm, Positive Displacement Valve (as opposed to volumetric displacement) and Controller. We have purchased this unit for doing lead free 20 mil dots at 30 mil pitch in s

paste quality

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 10 14:34:56 EST 2014 | jigo91

Hi, I wanted to know how can we test our paste quality, as viscosity, temperature in which it is delivered to the SMT line and other variables that can affect our paste dispense or soldering. Our concerns are that paste quality may be causing solde

Pen solder paste dispenser

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 18 18:08:08 EDT 2023 | davef

Vote for: JBC DPM Paste Dispenser Manual Also consider: Metcal 910-MSG Manual Syringe Gun-Kit Spoty micro-dot solder paste syringe dispenser [ https://www.tindie.com/products/avandalen/spoty-micro-dot-solder-paste-syringe-dispenser/ ]

solder paste

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 27 10:07:16 EDT 2011 | swag

We bought air dispenser guns that fit the cartriges. I can't remember where we got them - sorry. We built little aluminum "holsters" for the sides of the machines to put the guns in. The guns are hooked up to air with low pressure regulators. Wor

solder paste

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 28 07:23:24 EDT 2011 | scottp

My group supports a couple hundred lines all over the world. Most of them use squeegees but a few use either the MPM Rheometric pump heads or the DEK Proflow heads. I absolutely hate the enclosed heads. Flux separation, compaction, and the print q

MPM printer paste dispenser

Electronics Forum | Fri May 09 14:56:37 EDT 2008 | markhoch

The paste dispensers work well as long as the humidity in your shop is properly controlled. If it gets too humid, and the paste gets "soupy", then it will take less air pressure to dispense it onto the stencil. Paste dispensers use a controlled, pre-

solder paste

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 27 09:58:05 EDT 2011 | davef

Pressure printing systems Conventional stencil printing techniques have fundamental limitations as regards paste handling: The volume of paste available for printing is limited, so frequent replenishment is necessary Paste is difficult to c

MPM printer paste dispenser

Electronics Forum | Fri May 02 10:02:06 EDT 2008 | mmjm_1099

I have used the MPM dispensers and had no past issues with this.

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