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paste quality

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 10 16:59:57 EST 2014 | hegemon

It is sort of a self answering question if you come in from the solder paste angle. First....start gathering data. Check every day, or every new paste jar, for: Storage conditions (temp), paste expiration date, ambient temp and humidity where yo

expired solder paste

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 07 19:12:13 EDT 2008 | kircchoffs

can we use the expired solder paste and put in a solder pot of wave machine?

solder paste

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 09 09:47:32 EST 2009 | dyoungquist

I am curious as to why you need to mix.... We use a 500g cartridge with air gun. Our process is remove the cartridge from the fridge, allow it to warm up to room temperature before inserting into air gun, then apply bead of paste to the stencil. N

expired solder paste

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 03 17:25:49 EDT 2008 | alexs

Hi All, I have some question about expired solder paste. What would be some of the effects regarding assembly quality. Is there any changes in flux composition toward the end of shelf life? Thanks in advance for any replies.

expired solder paste

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 04 14:49:51 EDT 2008 | tombstone

Flux seperation is a common problem observed due to expiration of paste. The symptom is a yellow layer of flux when you open the jar. Excess flux separation will cause priting problems such as smearing and slumping.

expired solder paste

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 04 08:49:45 EDT 2008 | ck_the_flip

Define "expired" though... 1 week? 6 weeks? 1 month? 6 months? Unrefrigerated life is generally 30 days. If paste has been stored refrigerated at manufacturer recommended temperatures, what would you guys do, like say, if you owned your own shop

Lead Free paste

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 08 08:59:54 EST 2006 | Amol Kane

well, if in the past you havent seen this issue, then something in the process has changed......as any good process engineer should do, investigate it.....new batch of paste?, expired paste?, clogged stencil?, change in programming parameters?, chang

expired solder paste

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 04 01:39:21 EDT 2008 | slthomas

All of what Dave says is spot on. I suspect that the most likely corresponding defects on your assemblies would be poor wetting and insufficient solder.

expired solder paste

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 04 14:54:19 EDT 2008 | alexs

Thanks for the reply. Just one more question. If there is less solvent but the residues are harder to clean. would there be more contaminant left on the boards? Has anyone did a cleanliness test?

expired solder paste

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 07 22:20:31 EDT 2008 | davef

Yes you can, although we don't think it's a good idea. Look here: http://www.smtnet.com/forums/Index.cfm?CFApp=1&Message_ID=48159

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