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Cost of Leadfree Solder Bars

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 31 14:54:30 EDT 2007 | rpadilla

Hello AJ, The previous answers are correct; Sn has seen a spike in price ever since RoHs was implemented. Furthermore, the other alloys that have been used to replace Pb (because of RoHs) have also seen an increase in price. Sadly these material rep

Micro crack for lead free wave solder

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 10 09:01:15 EDT 2005 | fctassembly

Hello Joseph, Sorry for the bad news but microcracking is a well known potential condition occuring with the SAC305 alloy. Microcracking is a condition being seen with many joints soldered with the SAC305 alloy. It is technically a shrinkage cavity

SN100C vs. SAC 305 wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 30 16:50:48 EST 2005 | fctassembly

250 tons/month) and, as it has been stated here, many customers have switched from SAC305 to SN100C but we are not aware of any customer who has switched from SN100C to SAC305. As the inventor of SN100C states, �once a customer touches the SN100C, he

Lead-Free Wave Defects

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 08 03:44:28 EST 2006 | fctassembly

Hello Amol, I continue to be amazed at the surprise engineers have on discovering that a non-eutectic alloy such as SAC305 displays micro-cracking and rough joints in a soldering process. There was a reason the electronics industry chose to use eutec


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