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Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 25 12:12:17 EST 2004 | paul_bmc

I currently run 5 PlacePro lines w/6 machines. I have been looking for a martix tray loader for a long time and would really be interested in what you have to offer. Please contact me at paul@borisch.com. Thanks, Paul

Solder Analysis

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 16 11:18:16 EST 2006 | slaine

im in the uk and i use alpha, no charge. also Grosvener provide a free service whos details i have handy Paul Donoghue Administration Manager Grosvenor Electronic Supplies (UK) Direct Line: 01482 579832 PaulD@grosvenor-group.com

Fiducial replacements?

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 17 19:29:41 EST 2007 | bbarton

Paul M...sounds like you work for a guy I used to work for Paul L...WHEN you leave, keep in mind the bigger idiot you are, the higher they promote you!!

Solder Saver

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 31 18:28:11 EDT 2009 | brockltd

We have new & demonstrator units available. Contact Paul via email Paul@BrockElectronics.com or by phone (905)954-0505.

Re: Underfilled CSP mechanical test

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 18 03:06:28 EDT 2000 | Frank

Thanks Paul, Where can I find Specs. on Vibration and drop testing?

Re: RC6303M

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 08 18:00:54 EST 1999 | Dave F

Paul try: http://www.partminer.com

Amistar Support

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 26 11:45:48 EST 2004 | dave chapman

Thanks Paul will keep you in mind. Dave Chapman CSI

Immersion Gold

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 27 16:41:17 EDT 2004 | gmoms

Russ, What aperature reduction and stencil thickness are you running on 16 mil? Best Regards, Paul


Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 17 08:41:21 EDT 2004 | cisridn

Thanks for the website addresses Paul Regards, CJ

MPM AP25 Calibration

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 04 21:46:13 EDT 2004 | simmcircuits

Hello Paul, Your Thru Bore calibration worked! Thanks a lot. Cheers, Fyodor

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