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QFN Rework Issues

Feb 13, 2019 | With any board assembly or unit that has a high mass its also possible to just place it in an oven t

Waves soldering: not enough solder remaining on pads

Jun 6, 2017 | Hi Zac, was that board finished with tin/lead HASL or leadfree/HASL? Also what type of flux were you

DEK 265 motor com error, axis 1,2,3 fatal error

Aug 31, 2016 | Certainly possible CPU board issue; but check PC power supply, that all DCV are present and strong.

DEK 265 motor com error, axis 1,2,3 fatal error

Aug 31, 2016 | Search for the bios or motherboard on ebay. Type in the part numbers you find on the boards and see

Who knows SM411 MMI problem (Initializing machine I/F) and How to troubleshoot?

May 12, 2016 | Check your interface boards and connections. Should be in your manual under "control rack/ board co

Flux residues found after assembly process (Clean process)

Jan 9, 2016 | Thanks for your input Michael. Basically the boards had been go through from washing and even ionic

SMT programming

Jan 7, 2016 |

SMT programming

Jan 7, 2016 |

SMT programming

Jan 7, 2016 |

Backup a OS/2 GSM hard drive?

Dec 12, 2015 | That would be great; I have a few parts I'm searching for including board support tooling. I can sen

MPM UP100 vision fault

Nov 22, 2015 |

Conceptronic Reflow Oven help needed

Jun 1, 2015 | It could be the control board that mounts onto the backplane board of the pc, if you have any furthe

Samsung CP20

May 21, 2014 | Sarason, thank you very much for your support. There is an ISA interface board with just ribbon cab

MPM UP2000HiE motherboard replacement

Apr 28, 2014 | Hello, We have a MPM UP2000 HiE printer from 2000, software version 7.2E. The PC board is not boo

CS9100 wire cut/strip machine

Jul 8, 2013 | We have 2 CS9100 Schleuniger wire cut/strip machines. They do not have the DISPLAY/PC switch on the

SMT voiding

Oct 25, 2012 | Ken, The photo looks like results I have seen because the gold flash was too thick on the board. Th

Can anyone identifiy this PCB fabricators LOGO?

Oct 12, 2012 | I believe the heavy C is for CENTURY PC BOARD CO LTD and the number is the plant designation. See U

MyData A12 tool tip damage

Jul 17, 2012 | As as per your information and photo, we attached two box fans under our booster and attached them t

De-Bug software for Test

Oct 22, 2011 |

PCB label printing

Oct 5, 2011 | We are required by most of our customers to apply a serial # to the boards that we build. As the PC

Unusual solderability issue

Apr 23, 2010 | Hi all, The board shop finally got back to me with some results. They did find residue present on

Temperature Profiling

Dec 11, 2009 | We use SMD glue to fix our thermocouples to the PCB, pretty destructive method (although boards will

MPM AP25 Problems

Oct 9, 2009 |

Chip Capacitor Uneven Surface

Sep 29, 2009 | Hi Davef, This photo taken on field returned board. Previously, we never saw such thing..Perhaps

HASL Pictures

Jun 29, 2009 | Are there any photos available of what good HASL finish looks like as opposed to not desired? I'm l

lead free finish

Jan 29, 2009 |

PCB troubleshooting cause

Aug 21, 2008 | Hi, We had a electric failure on a printed wired board after a few hours of functionning. We det

What caused this reflow issue?

Apr 17, 2008 | I'd suspect contamination also, possibly from the board supplier. Sr. Tech's post mentioned what loo

What caused this reflow issue?

Apr 16, 2008 | Per Tony SMT Here are more photos: Q15, Q16, Q17 represent good transistors on a 1 up board wi

What caused this reflow issue?

Apr 14, 2008 | We had an order using a 2up PCB (same manufacturer) with same components and same board layout witho

MPM AP27 motherboard

Apr 11, 2008 | Hi I think much beter to go to upgarade PC because yo dont know the life time of second hand mothrer

Multilevel PWBs?

Feb 13, 2008 |

Reflow soldering

Dec 5, 2007 | If you only manufacture PC Boards with valid RoHS compliant componenets, then yes, your Pb is your o

PB and PB Free on same screen printer

Oct 11, 2007 | As a CM, how can you change the customer's base PC Board material to RoHS Compliant T-g spec's etc?

Lead free solder slivers (swarf)

Jun 7, 2007 | Hi TIA, Check to see if you have solder resist between the pads on your PC board. If the board h

Bar Coding - auto print and apply solutions

Mar 7, 2007 | Looking for a reliable solution to printing and applying bar codes to pc boards for manufacturing pr

USB to Floppy converter

Feb 27, 2007 |

Zevatech FS730 error

Jan 19, 2007 |

On-board Dispensing of Dots & Lines

Used SMT Equipment