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Researching stencil cleaners

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 27 05:52:44 EST 2001 | genglish

Peter, I have completed trials on various machines for cleaning both SMT stencils and misprinted PCB�s for solder paste and adhesive. Why do you have a preference with the cleaning solution, is this flexible? I can recommend a machine which we purcha

pcb manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 28 10:34:14 EDT 2006 | razor9114

Don't forget about Paste height measurement, conveyors, Aqueous Cleaner, Selective Solder machine and possibly an Ionic Tester

Disadvantages of using the ultrasonic cleaners - PCB cleaning

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 22 00:11:16 EDT 2008 | rameshr

Hai, I wish to know the advantages & disadvatages of using the Ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning the assembled pcb. Can anybody help us.

Disadvantages of using the ultrasonic cleaners - PCB cleaning

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 22 08:17:18 EDT 2008 | davef

There are several interesting posts in the fine SMTnet Archives. Here's one: http://www.smtnet.com//forums/index.cfm?fuseaction=view_thread&CFApp=1&Thread_ID=8594&#Message33876

Disadvantages of using the ultrasonic cleaners - PCB cleaning

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 22 13:10:51 EDT 2008 | bschreiber

The folowing articles are available at: http://www.smartsonic.com/article.html "Why Not Ultrasonic Cleaning?" by William Kenyon "Damage-Free Ultrasonically-Assisted Cleaning of Printed Circuit Assemblies" - by B.P. Richards et al "Does Ultrason

Ionizing pressurized air for pcb blow-off

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 23 14:51:02 EST 2003 | davef

Without being clear on whether you're talking about: * Standard air knives at the back-end of your in-line cleaner ... OR * Hand held or similar nozzle. Standard air knives: This causes no problem with ESD because the relative humidity is so high t

Inline PCB Cleaners

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 26 15:51:06 EST 2006 | tzawaide

We're currently using adhesive-type board cleaners (TekNek), and they've been more troublesome than anything. They cause a lot of hangups, and hence causing m/c crashes, etc. Any recommendations on PCB cleaners that can be integrated into the prod

Inline PCB Cleaners

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 26 17:32:15 EST 2006 | russ

What exactly is an "adhesive-type" cleaner?

PCB Cleaner

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 06 15:41:53 EDT 2005 | Dirty Boards

Any help locating a machine to remove foreign materials from bare pcb's would be appreciated,

Non wetting spots of flex PCB pads

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 29 09:55:54 EDT 2023 | matouschekd

Yes, i tried cleaning it with PCB-Cleaner. Sadly, no success

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