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Ionizing pressurized air for pcb blow-off

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 24 12:41:03 EST 2003 | gregp

Look at a company called ARTX, Ltd. (artxltd.com) or Exair (exair.com) They make air knives that ionize shop air for this purpose.

Ionizing pressurized air for pcb blow-off

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 21 16:08:56 EST 2003 | clarkk

Hello all, We use pressurized air from a blower to blow off excess water from our pcb assemblies after wash. I'm concerned that this could potentially cause esd damage to sensitive assemblies. Is anyone aware of a device that can correctly ionize the

Ionizing pressurized air for pcb blow-off

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 24 13:17:59 EST 2003 | Stephen

Air is non-conductive, and it is moving. Not only is it moving, it is moving against something else i.e. the hose. Anytime you have movement (friction) between two dissimilar non-conductive "things" you have the possibility of static build-up. This

Ionizing pressurized air for pcb blow-off

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 21 20:01:14 EST 2003 | MA/NY DDave

Hi This is a good one. Let me take a stab at it. First remind me, why is this air coming in carrying a charge. I think I remember yet it is always fun. Also hopefully it isn't carrying any compressor oils. There are some companys that make other t

Ionizing pressurized air for pcb blow-off

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 23 14:51:02 EST 2003 | davef

Without being clear on whether you're talking about: * Standard air knives at the back-end of your in-line cleaner ... OR * Hand held or similar nozzle. Standard air knives: This causes no problem with ESD because the relative humidity is so high t

Electronic Assembly - PCB cleansing and COVID-19

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 03 12:23:56 EDT 2020 | dwl

That's an interesting point about ionizers. They say the primary means of transmission is through droplets suspended in air. I wonder if ionizers kill the virus and what the turn over rate is for a room of a given size.

Water after PCB batch wash

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 13 20:24:46 EDT 2023 | emeto

Ionized air gun

ESD considerations during Conformal Coating?

Electronics Forum | Thu May 28 16:10:07 EDT 2009 | operator

How does one keep a pcb safe from ESD when applying an aerosol conformal coating on a flat surface? Even if you had an ESD mat to place the pcb on it would quickly be coated. The only thing I can think of is an ionizer. Does not the aerosol create a

Removal of Remnant Coating or Flux from PCB

Electronics Forum | Fri May 17 13:33:45 EDT 2013 | bandjwet

How are you removing the remnant cured coating materials once you scrape. laser ablate or use walnut shells to blast coating material from a PCB? We are using a soft bristled brush or a vacuum source. What about liquids such as cleaning solutions o

Dust on PCB

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 05 11:32:34 EST 2012 | davef

As long as you're convinced that your ionized air gun is not a static generator, it should work fine in dedusting your boards. As you say, covering your board racks while the boards are being stored is probably a better solution. If you google 'esd

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