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Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 08 09:53:11 EST 2006 | mike

i'm looking for a small pcb wash for populated pcbs. If anybody has any info on one please email me @ mbridges@dfe.com I'm located in New Hampshire


Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 13 13:34:53 EST 2006 | pjc

Look for the following machines: Aqueous Technologies ECD EMC Austin American The above mfrs. make "industrial" grade dishwashers for assembled PCB de-fluxing. Search any of those names followed by "..... batch cleaner", and your search engine will

inline wash profiler

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 12 09:20:53 EDT 2014 | neiderman

There are a few companies that sell the pressure senors and software to data-log and map the coverage and pressure of fluid spraying systems.However they tend to be expensive. If you would like the link please send me an email and I would be happy to

inline wash profiler

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 17 03:23:33 EST 2014 | cunningham

Does anyone have a company that can do wash profiler? I want something similar to thermal profilers like your Kik and Datapaq but obviously it needs to be water proof. I want to measure temperature and pressure from the jets as part of a weekly SPC

inline wash profiler

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 17 22:05:24 EST 2014 | kahrpr

I am not aware of any correlation that temperature and pressure is a good indicator of board cleanliness. You can drop a thermometer into the tank to verify the temperature. Water cleanness/Ph are more important. If you are truly worried about board

Aqueous wash chamber type

Electronics Forum | Tue May 14 04:18:40 EDT 2013 | leardkattiya

Hi, Anyone here experienced in aqueous wash of chamber type? Here's the issues. We have top and bottom portion inside the chamber but unfortunately evaluation had indicate only top portion of the rack is able to clean the PCB clearly.

Boards delaminated after wash

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 14 15:45:06 EDT 2001 | davef

BOARD BAKING SCHEDULE: Bake time depends on the board thickness and construction. For laminated FR4 PCB, we bake between 6 and 24 hours at 100�C. ROOT CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM: Heating moisture entrapped between the laminations of the board too quickl

PCB wash chlorine

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 02 18:53:36 EDT 2003 | Michael Nguyen

We are using a Trek board washing system with 2 deionizer tanks hooked up to the 2 final rinse tanks and the first tank is directly connected with the city water. We are having problems with a vendor board on some tranformer/chokes. The part manufact

PCB wash chlorine

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 04 00:21:00 EDT 2003 | Dean

It would help to run a carbon, anion, cation, mixed-bed configuration with pure DI as the final rinse. IF your incomming water is really bad you can run a RO unit to "prepare" the water for ion exchange. Do you run omega meter or ionograph testing

PCB wash chlorine

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 03 01:03:15 EDT 2003 | Truett H.

I would discourage the use of city water at all - where rinsing electronic parts is concerned, it contains too much contamination. If practical, route DI water to your first tank and implement some aggitation (either nitrogen bubbles from the bottom

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