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Flux residue

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 31 09:12:35 EDT 2009 | gregoryyork

Dear Sean Contrary to believe MOST formulators of No Clean fluxes or No Residue fluxes use organic acides that are in fact weak and benign. IF the residue was left on the board and you had a condensing atmosphere then you may see some issue with fal

flux residue after HAL

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 29 01:25:32 EST 2006 | yusuf

About one year we have that problem with some of pcbs. Our customers told us about that. Because they can't mounting components on those pcb reason of flux residue. As you know flux not conductive chemical. We didn't change anything before having tha

White residue on PCB's

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 11 09:55:10 EDT 2000 | Ian Harrison

Some boards that are populated by one of our subcontractors are getting a white powdery residue forming on them. I think it is the non clean flux and process which they are using that is causing the problem. Their process is as follows. Flux is put i

flux residue problem

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 04 02:09:03 EDT 2009 | sachu_70

Hi Walter, Do you refer to a sprayfluxer operation? The problem seems to be a parameter setting issue. 1. Ensure the wide angle spray reaches PCB with optimum jet pressure. You could pass a glass plate to understand flux coverage and view Jet pressur

Tape residue cleaner

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 07 11:52:44 EDT 2000 | Ashok Dhawan

Can anyone suggest a cleaning solvent for removing silicon residue after K Tape has gone through 2 cycles of reflow soldering ? The solvent or cleaning method has to be compliant to IPC Standards - to be used for cleaning gold edge fingers - PCB asse

Flux residue cleaning procedure

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 31 01:32:47 EST 2006 | hanocete

thanks for your reply, actually we bake the PCB assembly prior the rework because the package was exposed for quite some time already. The baking time was 24hrs @ 125 deg.C. We notice that there were flux residues on the connectors after the baking.

flux residue after HAL

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 26 10:54:37 EST 2006 | yusufgomec

We use hot air leveling (HAL) process in pcb production. HAL process is 3 steps. �n 1. step flux. 2. step is HAL. And 3. step is rinsing. As you know there is mustn't any flux after rinsing operation. Our flux chemical is water soluable. But there ar

PCB residue after wave solder

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 29 07:57:16 EDT 2009 | davef

Search the fine SMTnet Archives to find previous discussions, like: http://dev.smtnet.com/Forums/Index.cfm?CFApp=1&Message_ID=5157

PCB residue after wave solder

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 29 08:05:25 EDT 2009 | patrickbruneel

Deni, You also need to check if your flux is properly wetting the board. Flux dewetting on the surface can also cause webbing. You can check that with spraying flux on the board surface and watch the wetting behavior. Patrick

PCB residue after wave solder

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 31 02:59:52 EDT 2009 | dj_jago

I can't open the picture but if it is webbing and you are running with an alcohol based flux (non VOC free) another thing to check is the Specific Gravity.

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