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PCB over shelf life

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 16 04:14:16 EST 2010 | kemasta

Hi, I am new in this industrial. I learnt that PCB may absorb moisture and eventually caused delaminate after heat apply on it (reflow or wave). But I don't quite understand, if the PCB was keep in sealed bubble bag, and with the humidity control wit

PCB over shelf life

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 17 00:55:22 EST 2010 | kemasta

Hi Kim Dun take any risk in delamination bcoz u > will be the person to answer for being it. So, > we do bake all Pcbs, which have 3months of shelf > life, b4 startin any process although they are > still inside the factory packs. We keep it in

board delaminated after reflow

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 08 14:46:34 EDT 2009 | boardhouse

The things to ask your board supplier would be: 1) Was the Pre-preg material that was used on this board within its Shelf life? and ask for the Incoming inspection CofC for the Pre-preg material. 2)Was this order shipped from Stock - this is why

immersion Gold life span

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 08 03:16:12 EST 2007 | oswald5087

hi' i need advise on immersion gold PCb shelf life. 1) what is the issue shelf life or expire for Immersion gold PCB? 2) How long we can keep the PCB? (with vacuum seal and without vacuum seal) 2) iF PCB expire, can we bake the immersion PCB? what t

Immersion silver life span

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 13 05:48:52 EDT 2005 | charly

hi' i need advise on immersion silver PCb shelf life. 1) what is the shelf life for Immersion silver PCB? 2) iF PCB expire, can we bake the immersion PCB? what temp & duration? 3) How long can we keep the pCB again after rebaking? (with vacuum seal)

Shelf life of PCBs

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 21 10:16:00 EST 2003 | O'Connor

Hi, Is there a standard that covers the shelf life of PCB's? I need to know, how long after manufacture a PCB can be stored in an uncontrolled envoirnment exposed to the atmosphere before being built on, currently we say 1 year, but nobody really kno

PCB with ENIG plating shelf life?

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 17 20:19:00 EST 2022 | emeto

I need to back it up with a something like IPC standard. It seems to me that people have used boards that aged after the 12months period, however there is no information supported by studies that can show results in quality and reliability of the boa

PCB with ENIG plating shelf life?

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 15 22:33:16 EST 2022 | kumarb

Yes, solderbility. I recall one case of a vendor we met at a past HK electronic fair. Pricing was ok, we selected them and ordered a batch of boards. After a few months of leaving the PCBs in a sealed package (vacuum), we attempted to use the PCBs. W

PCB with ENIG plating shelf life?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 06 00:03:10 EST 2023 | SMTA-64419298

Hello Evtimov, sorry...just saw post as I was looking through list...a bit late. I don't know if you ever got your answer. IPC-4552A covers EniG finishes and suggested shelf life. I've referred to these doc's quite a bit. Good spec's ! Yes, I beli

Regarding OSP PCBA shelf life.This is based on the thread (#73465 PCB SHELF LIFE AFTER FIRST REFLOW | 9 February, 2015)

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 30 00:41:23 EST 2017 | abhilash4788

Dear All, I have OSP finsh pcb on my production, the pcb thickness is 1.5mm and the product is one sideded pcba. After reflow process, Is there any specific time frame defined for smt completed OSP finish pcba before going for wave soldering proce

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