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Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 24 20:23:49 EST 2007 | seth

Is Total Force setting necessary, and is it depend on the board thicknes? Is it making any different as far as printing goes? My boss have it set on 8.00 for all 4 MPM, and we are running different type of PCB everyday. Some of the boards thicknes is

Reflowing <.032

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 17 15:54:35 EST 2005 | JB

Most of our profiles are a variation of one another. Depending on the thicknes and density of the PCB, we make the nescessary changes and then we profile it, to make sure it meets our specs. Check this out: http://www.smtnet.com//forums/index.cfm?

Soldering problem with Au plating PCB

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 04 06:26:20 EST 2009 | sachu_70

Hi Peter, The defect you observe during the second side reflow could be caused due to improper Au plating thickness in the PCB fabrication process. You can refer IPC-2221 wherein plating thicknes for ENIG mentions 0.08um to 0.23um for Immersion Gold,

LGA36 6.5 x 3.5 mm

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 23 23:26:40 EDT 2007 | mika

Hi, We are facing a complete new package type for us in our prototype production. RoHS LGA 36 Land Grid Array with 36 so called pads instead of bumps underneath. It is totatlly flat. This component is only 6.5 x 3.5 x 1.6 mm and we recieved them in a

TNT-A capacitors placement problem at CP-6

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 30 19:02:19 EST 2006 | mika

This type of component packages works best with vision type: 254 - irregular. Measure the total package length including the leads. Also set the body dimension x-y tolerances to at least 0.35mm and the the pick up x-y tolerences to 0.5mm in the part

PCB Gold Plating

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 09 20:05:15 EST 2001 | benefid

The ENIG process will yield between 3-7 micro inches (110 - 275 microns) of gold over the nickel barrier. This thickness range is pretty much the limit as this is a self limiting displacement reaction process. Once all surface nickel ions are repl

Screen Printing with a Pallet.

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 12 21:41:35 EDT 2001 | mugen

A) Questions: 1) What sort of pallet materials used? 2) what PCB thickness & LxW size? 3) what stencil type & thickness used? 4) what profile type used (peak deg-C)? 5) any peak Deg-C contraints for the components SMT onto the PCB? B) We use pallet

0.4mm PCB Thickness - production issues

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 13 20:04:37 EDT 2006 | mika

Hi, We have a customer that want us to produce a single sided 0.4 x 100 x 50 mm size RoHS pcba approx 1000 of them. The board only contains three 2.54mm pitch Non P.I.P, SMT-connectors. We have never produced such a thin pcb:s before. We are thinkin


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