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PCB thickness

Electronics Forum | Wed May 17 11:00:00 EDT 2000 | emmanuel

Has somebody yet process pcb (FR4) with a thickness of 0.8 mm ? Thank you for all kind of responses.

Stencil thickness

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 09 07:02:02 EDT 2005 | ajaydoshi

1. We do have PCB with 0402 component, Micro BGA ( 0.5mm pitch , 0.25 mm pad size ). PCB thickness is 0.8mm. What stencil thickness we should use. PCB size 40 mm X 60 mm 2. We have EKRA E4 , What will be optimum setting for above. Pressure, Scquge s

Soldermask thickness

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 01 21:22:37 EDT 2003 | ramanandkini

We have a 1.6 mm thick automotive PCB board of size 35x70mm. One of our vendor has given us a batch with lesser soldermask thickness 5~8 microns. Will this affect the circuit board on a long term. What should be standard for the soldermask thickness?

Stencil thickness

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 09 13:30:34 EDT 2005 | PWH

I would suggest 7mm thick "Durostone" as a carrier material. Cut lip/pocket for PCB so it is 0.05" thinner than thickness of PCB. Allow 0.010" gap on all sides of PCB. Machine lip to width between 0.050" and 0.100" to support under perimeter sides

ImSn thickness

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 16 08:04:05 EST 2007 | GS

Hi, questions about PCB ImSn finishing : a) how much is the standard thickness (most common)? b) how much is the maximum thickness obtainable by this finishing process? Thank you Regards....GS

Soldermask thickness

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 06 12:37:18 EDT 2003 | ramanandkini

It was a nice discussion. What I did here was a thermal shock test 1 hour@ +90 deg.c and immediately 1 hour @ -40 deg.c. The second test I did was a high humudity test for a week. After each test, I carried out a peel test with scotch tape. Those bo

Stencil thickness

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 09 07:36:49 EDT 2005 | ajaydoshi

Thanks, 1. Any idea how to go about pallet. because this PCB is single only ( not in multiple ). if you have some drawing / picture pl. send me at ajay_doshi@utlindia.com 2. What are other parameter to set on machine ajay

PCB Au thickness

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 07 02:18:13 EDT 2003 | iman

Hi Experts, Pls help advise what is the expected range of PCB gold thickness over Ni (for ENIG/Electrolytic fabrication processes)? any referrence standards set by the IPC?

Re: PCB thickness

Electronics Forum | Wed May 17 11:56:00 EDT 2000 | John Thorup

We have one panel of 50 small boards that is 0.035" (0.89mm). Other than a dedicated fixture to support it during printing and placement we don't do anything differently. John Thorup

Re: PCB thickness

Electronics Forum | Wed May 17 12:27:28 EDT 2000 | JAX

emmanuel, John's right, as long as there is support, nothing changes. Depending on the size of the board fixtures might be a better option over support pins. Unless the pins jump out of the machine and follow it into the reflow oven, You never know!!

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