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pcba cleaning

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 30 02:12:39 EDT 2019 | jags

yes and thanks for this feedback. we clean with degreaser ( strong) and flux is rosin with 10% in the paste (koki). we clean after second reflow . the gap time from bottom to topside completion is 10 hours. cleans with this time. my even after 20 h

pcba cleaning

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 29 21:27:21 EDT 2019 | aqueous

It depends on the flux type. If it's water soluble, it should be cleaned soon after reflow because OA flux remains active after reflow. If it's rosin or no-clean (low-residue), then the only concern is the longer wait time, the more difficult it will

pcba cleaning

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 29 04:40:42 EDT 2019 | jags

how long i can keep pcba after bottom reflow soldering to top side reflow soldering. like 12 hours or 24 hour or 48 hours........Enig board. leadfree soldering with 10% flux

pcba cleaning

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 04 07:27:33 EST 2019 | amitthepcbguy

There are multiple methods where you can perform top and bottom reflow soldering simultaneously. With this method, you might not worry about the type of flux there is. Each part is covered and baked as per the requirement, while making sure there are

Vapor/ensolve flux cleaning

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 28 12:08:02 EDT 2010 | tjg

Our latest designs are flip chip on flex based and we have issues with delamination/blistering. We know it is related to our vapor solvent (n-Propyl Bromide based) attacking an inner layer adhesive. Has anyone else ever heard of something like this?

Vapor/ensolve flux cleaning

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 28 14:52:03 EDT 2010 | davef

When we hear the words 'flexible circuit' and 'delamination' in the same sentence, we think: * Excessive reflow temperature. * Entrapped moisture. Boardhouse: I hope this is a step towards redemption.

cleaning of no clean flux

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 10 07:55:21 EDT 2005 | ajaydoshi

we are using heareous F381, F352 no clean solder paste. specially in qfp for high frequency board we observe that cleaing / removing of ' no clean flux 'is require. if we do not clean same most of time after all test & envioumental test it shows pin

cleaning of no clean flux

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 10 08:10:39 EDT 2005 | davef

Comments are: * Sounds like it's necessary to clean "heareous F381, F352 no clean solder paste" in your application. Consider a paste that may be better suited to your application. * If you're cleaning "low residue flux", consider using an organic ac

flux on PCB's after cleaning

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 23 09:14:28 EDT 2004 | davef

Consider your flux suppliers recommendations when determining the proper cleaning method for your boards.

flux on PCB's after cleaning

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 21 17:49:52 EDT 2004 | jsk

problem: Too many solvents and boards are not clean Flux remains on the board after vapor degreaser and "Powdery" white residue after vapor degreasing Flux type is kester 186 Process: hand solder High Temp alloy, spot clean after hand solder e

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